Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Namesake

the-namesakeThe Namesake (March 2007) has long finished its course in Ritz Theater franchises around the nation as the latest hip, urbane thing. The attraction associated with watching Monsoon Wedding director Mira Nair and cult-classic Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar fame make non-Bollywood history has disappeared. The constant trailers playing on every American Indian website. The gossip among the aunties having their evening chai together. All of that has long died down. The movie was made, new additions of the book circulated, and Kal Penn goes back to his dayjob being Harold in the upcoming Harold and Kumar 2. Continue reading

Rush Hour

Many things going on, nonexistent readers. There’s the election results for Philadelpha’s new mayor. Congrats to Michael Nutter. Well-deserved, I clearly recall reading the skepical reports of political pundits who mocked him for announcing his candidacy in July. I distinctly recall one Inquirer columnist who basically said that Nutter was a terrible political strategist for announcing his bid for mayor when the majority of his constituents were away at the Jersey Shore for the summer. Well, actually Mister knowitall, the majority of his constituents stayed right here in Philadelphia and were more than paying attention to this particular mayoral candidate. Continue reading

The Jazz Singer

beyfrank1One of the best sounds to come out of Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood is the new CD released by Frank Bey and his band, “Blues in the Pocket.” Frank Bey is an oft-overlooked blues musician originally from Georgia who played with Otis Redding in the 60’s and has been hard at work on his music since 1997. Those who believe the blues belong to a byegone era should to listen to this CD, which came out September 2007. Produced by Jeff Monjak, who along with Bey recorded some of the songs in his Northern Liberties loft, the CD combines both old and new sounds to produce a must-hear experience. Continue reading