Monthly Archives: January 2008

Who Cares?

Well, apparently I do, since I read it.

The Inquirer has unfathomably chosen to continue coverage on the whole Jocelyn Kirsch, Edward Anderton scandal. Their latest story – a tell-all from an old ex-boyfriend. Only the tell-all isn’t really a tell-all. The ex seems more interested in promoting his band, giving the Inquirier his song lyrics based on what he called the “blonde bombshell.”

Seriously, isn’t there real news somewhere?

Ah well, who can blame them. The Inquirer hasn’t had this much attention since……I have no idea.

Since You Asked

Cary Tennis posted this interesting piece on racism in his column “Since You Asked” for

I just think lots of us are pretty dumb, and we’re not all that virtuous either, and big deal. I’m not so impressed with our own assumed air of virtue, we liberal coastal elites. I don’t think we’re all that morally superior to the racists and sexists we can so easily pick out of the crowd and condemn. I think in fact that our frequent presumption of moral superiority is a deep character flaw that blinds us both to the vast virtue around us and to our vast capacity for growth. And more than that: Our air of superiority bores me. It bores me how we talk. It bores me how seriously we take the liberal taboos, how easily we are stopped at the borders of good taste.

He goes on to say:

In fact, I am rather drawn to the bad man, the racist, the reprobate, the criminal, the idiot, the one who doesn’t get how he is supposed to behave. He unwittingly shines a light on the dark side — and even that is condescending, isn’t it, to assume that the only virtue we can find in those of a lower caste is one they are not even aware that they are expressing?

I definitely second that, Mr. Tennis. I agree the worst racists are those Yankees down here who think their liberal political views give them a pass card for all sorts of nasty underhanded racist BS.