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So true!

“The jerk sniffs out our insecurities and uses them to reel us in with compliments that eventually turn into criticisms. “


A few of my favorite things….

I picked up the Inquirer today, and realized to my surprise that my favorite legal fiction novelist of all time – Lisa Scottoline – has been writing a column “Chick Wit” for the Inquirer for at least a year. Check it out, it’s fantastic. Also, read her books, they’re fantastic as well. 

Also, I happened to be reading the paper at one of my favorite new cafes – Under the Oak Cafe in Oak Lane. Definitely the best cafe I have ever found outside of Center City. And it’s only five minutes from my house! Whenever I’m traveling and have the urge for fast food or something equally devilish, I try to stop there. At least I’m supporting local owners. Check out the Citypaper review!

And last but not least:

Seen on Broad and Olney at 1Pm post-snowfall on Friday evening. An elderly Korean man sees an elderly white woman struggling to cross Broad street through the sleet and ice. Silently, he extends his elbow. Silently she takes it. They cross the street slowly. He bows. They separate. That’s the Olney neighborhood for you….


Okay, so what happened to my editor at Citypaper?

This from the Inquirer…

“Another shakeup at Philadelphia City Paper: About a week after Duane Swierczynski stepped down as editor – succeed by senior editor Brian Howard – managing editor Brian Hickey yesterday left the building suddenly. Publisher Paul Curci told me that Hickey’s position was eliminated, but talk is that he quit. Hickey, who wrote the current issue’s cover story (about Milton Street), did not return a message.”

Good luck Brian…

Braggin’ Rich Folks

Check this out.

The Inquirer breaks news again.

Apparently residents of the newest condo in Center City are wealthy, enjoy the view, and feel quite sheltered and secure up in their high towers. What else is new?

“The farther up you live, the more muffled the sounds of the city are,” Needleman said. “When we first moved here, we were conscious of what I call Philadelphia crickets – the burglar alarms that sound day and night.” After a while, though, from 17 floors up, “you are no longer conscious of them.”

A news story about this? Are you kidding? Since when has the Inquirer become the society page????

To the Muslim man who came to my gym last night……

You are a loser. You and your six kids came to drop off your fat wife to the gym. After she finishes her session with her personal trainer (without once taking off her chador!) your little Napoleon self comes back (your wife is taller than you). Thereupon you see this fine specimen of a man, Jon, one of the sweetest, buffest, gayest personal trainers we have.

Thereupon you throw a temper tantrum. “I thought this was a ladies-only gym!!!!! Why are there men in here!!!!”

Whereupon you sit your butt down in the waiting area and moniter your wife’s kick-boxing session for half an hour.

Whereupon the manager kicks you out because YOU are also a MAN.

Whereupon you take your wife out of the lesson, and leave in a huff.

Stupid imbecile. Stupider wife.


z1Am I the only person in Philadelphia who loves taking SEPTA. SEPTA, for those out-of-towners, is short of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Association. I think. Whatever, it’s the trains, buses, etc that get those without cars where they need to go.

Whatever. I love buses. I love taking the El (Elevated train). I love the subway. What’s wrong with me?

Yeah, it’s weird. Even when I’m late, and it’s cold, and freezing rain is pouring on my head….well, nevermind. Maybe not then.

But nine times out of ten, whether it’s been at a point in life when I depended on SEPTA to get me places, or not – I love SEPTA. Continue reading

Temple University

Check this out:

My alma mater just got $5 million more from an anonymous donor in snail-mail. Nice.

“One envelope contained a $1 million bank check for the university to use however it chooses, Sullivan told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The second held a $4 million check to endow a scholarship for women and minorities.”

They should’ve just spared themselves the effort and made it out to me. I’m a minority, female, and poor.


Street Watch

Today in Philly. Jury selection for Mayor Street’s brother, Milton Street, began today. The elder Street brother is accused of not paying taxes on $2 million dollars worth of contracting work on Philadelphia International Airport. Also, in case you didn’t know. Milton Street is crazy. Plumb crazy. He also planned to run for mayor. To run for mayor of a city that despises his brother.