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It’s summer…

An article in the Inquirer about my most favorite cafe in the world! And my most favorite cafe owner! The lovely Kelly McShain Tyree. Warmest hostess you will ever meet.

Indians and sunscreen

Damnit, can someone please do a conclusive study on darker-skinned folks and sunscreen. Should I wear it? I don’t know any brown people who do……

Edit: The consensus seems to be ‘ brown people should wear sunscreen.’


I hate this!

I depend on cabs.

Regrets – I’ve Had a Few

I like to pride myself on having as few regrets as possible. At the same time, if I could do it all over again I would: Continue reading



So what is it with all these little girls crushing on Hillary?

This morning on the subway I stumbled on a conversation with a 13-year old black girl who was proudly wearing a giant Hillary button on her denim jacket. After further questioning she admitted a) her parents love Obama, b) her classmates love Obama c) she likes Obama but she likes Hillary better.

Why? She’s alway admired Hillary. Why? No reason, just personal preference. Health-care? A possibility.

I figure those underage wannabe-voters are just joining their peers in what is turning into a major high-school prom queen contest.

But I still can’t understand how kids pick a candidate to root for. Is their desire purely rooted in obstinacy? My kid sister insisted on being the Hillary ‘it’ girl in our family. She went so far as to go to a Hillary rally and (gulp) shake Chelsea Clinton’s hand.

Girl power? That’s what my mom says.

Who knows.

It’s still funny to see all those little teenage rebels out there. Peace lil’uns.

More Indian music

To be or not to be

z7Joe: Public libraries are meant for the pleasure of the public. Therefore material that appeals to the general public, i.e. material meant for mass consumption, i.e. pop culture items are perfectly acceptable for dispensing.

Jane: The general public needs guidance when it comes to taste. Therefore only items that are considered in good ‘taste,’ i.e. classics should be available for library patrons. After all the public free library is funded by federal and local dollars and such should serve avoid serving purient/violent interests. Etc. Etc.

The other day I was at the Free Library of Philadelphia, and I happened upon a young father checking out items for his young children. Perfectly adorable children, and very young. Definitely younger than ten. (And quite intelligent. After a while it’s not too difficult to categorize children.) Rather than getting them picture books, or any such material of interest to young children he was checking out videos.

Five DVDs to be exact. I took a glance at the titles. Checking out CDs and DVDs is one of the less well-known benefits of the library.

Among his selections, all R-rated, was SAW IV. The only reason I noticed was because he gestured one his daughter to get it for him, “Get that one, we’ll watch it tonight.”

This is after he viciously decked his child for getting too ‘fresh.’ She wanted a particular book.


Bad parenting makes me angry.

J’adore cette chanson