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Flames of Peace (Not)

captpalestinian_protest_2an1I understand anger. I understand protests. Don’t always agree with the causes, but I respect the First Amendment right that allows Americans to gather peacefully and protest whatever they see fit – be it puppies or people. What I don’t understand is the video of yesterday’s footage of the pro-Palestinian protestors. Can someone explain this to me? In the video footage accompanying Art Carey’s article, there is a segment where a fire is shown in the middle of the street (Market perhaps?) as participants cheer.  Check it out. It comes right at the 00:53 mark. For a second I thought I was seeing video from the Gaza Strip instead of Center City. The camera zooms in on a fire presumably started by the protestors near the demonstration at City Hall yesterday. What’s with that? This isn’t some third-world city somewhere where we can just go crazy and start rioting because we’re angry. Staying calm and orderly is the best PR, folks. Your starting a fire in Philadelphia isn’t going to help your cause in Palestine. Seriously. Give me a break. Somebody please explain this to me. Was there some sort of permit involved? Arrests? I assume there was a heavy police presence. Am I stupid, was this okay? Or did some Philadelphians just start destroying their own city. Ugh.

Bloggericious Updates

It’s been a month since was launched. Since then there’s been over 2,000 site visits to And we’ve had a blast receiving feedback from all sorts of visitors – including comments from Philadelphia editors, fellow writers and joe six-packs alike. As this year winds down, we just wanted to take the time to thank you for visiting We hope you continue to come back and comment on articles. Happy New Year!


The Year of the Batman

batman_the_dark_knight_image2“It’s a funny world we live in.” Joker, The Dark Knight

This is the year of the underdog. A year filled with thrilling victories. Horrific crimes. Countless tragedies. Indescribable joys. Basically it’s like any other year. But as for 2009, I say we make it the year of the Dark Knight. I’m talking about Batman. You have this guy who loves his city. Tries to make life better for his fellow citizens. Goes out on a limb to save Gotham over and over again. 

So in 2009, go a little crazy. Ditch the black cape, but do take some time to make this city a cleaner, safer, more beautiful place to live. Not just for yourself. For your kids. Your parents. Your neighbors. Your neighbor’s kids. 

Philly, here’s a toast to you.

In Memoriam II

I wasn’t surprised that Philadelphia media had minimum coverage of Z.P. After all, there are so many deaths and so little time. But it’s reassuring to find that has a great in-depth article and a video montage on its website honoring the life of Zal Chapgar. It includes footage from family and school events. Watch it.

Walmart iPhone?

Somebody talk me out of this. Please. There’s a recession. I have grad school loans. But what else does one do in Kansas besides shop? Go to Walmart. Buy beer. Buy guns. Buy an iPhone for $99 197. Score.

The opposite of love…

opposite-of-love ….is the debut novel of one Julie Bauxbum, former bad-ass lawyer. Her book, as I suspected, is a memoir disguised as a novel. It tells the story of  Emily Haxby. Emily has everything a girl could want. A boyfriend about to propose. An apartment in the chic part of NYC. A high-paying job as a corporate lawyer. When Emily decides to dump her boyfriend Andrew, she sets into motion a set of events that change her life forever.

A great book disguised as chick-lit. Quite reflective and analytical. Which makes sense, the author attended UPenn and Harvard Law School. The book focuses less on shopping and make-up and more on reconciliation, responsibility and the like.

There was one scene that bothered me quite a lot. Warning: Spoilers!  Continue reading

Twisted TablaGirl

You heard it here first. TablaGirl aka 27-year old Tina Sugandh is releasing her first album January 2009 with Razor & Tie records. Definitely channeling Britney and Shakira in her new video, “Break Me.” (Disclaimer: Lyrics include “Maharajah, you’re making me hot!” and “Hey, hey you spicy thing!”) She also throws in a little Jewel in songs like “Stay.”

Can’t say I love it, but girlfriend is totally headed somewhere. I liked her better before I saw the slutty Bollywood/Pussycat Dolls/starlet side of her. I’m a little disappointed she turned to pop, but eh, what’re you gonna do. A remix of her song, “Break Me” is already climbing the Billboard Dance Chart (currently at #4).  Sigh, I guess somebody had to be the first Indian American pop princess.

Dear Santa (A Letter from a Recent Grad)

CB101495Dear Santa,

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a recent college grad, I have two words for you: health insurance. Absolutely nothing compares to the gift of medical coverage for little John and Jane as they run around frantically peddling resumes in the middle of a crumbling economy. Seriously, not even that new ipod.

Because as those kiddos job hunt, or travel, or paint in studios in South Philly, they’re going to need health insurance. Dental and medical. Even if they’re young and healthy. Rosy cheeks. Sparkling eyes. Because one of these days they might just eat a bad taco and find themselves sweating it out at the local ER. And the $150 bill for uninsured patients might seem reasonable until weeks later when they get the doctor’s bill for $400.

Or they may chip a tooth on un-boiled ramen noodles because their gas just went out. And when the student doctor at the dental school takes an x-ray, she decides you need a root canal and crown, effectively taking the $1200 you were saving for your hybrid car, or the deposit on that cute place by pine.

So do me a favor, Santa. This Christmas, give the college grads some Aflac, or the like. Forget all the other crap. They can buy that when they get a job.



Virginia Tech Posts Killer’s Emails?

Okay, I know he’s a cold-blooded killer, but really? Releasing private emails between the Virigina Tech gunman and his professors? Is that ethical? Legal? Apparently yes to the latter.

The unauthorized release of thousands of documents related to the April 2007 Virginia Tech massacre has given new voice to killer Seung Hui Cho, who e-mailed regularly with professors in the years prior to the shootings and whom they reached out to repeatedly as it became clearer that he was a deeply troubled, even obsessive, young man.

Liz Spikol on glasses

z41I came across this post by Liz Spikol of PW fame. As an avid fan of Philly columnist Spikol , I was disappointed the post had already closed for comments. It spoke of the rumor that Sarah Palin wore fake glasses.

Liz writes: I take this accusation quite seriously. As a woman who wears real glasses, I can tell you it takes energy and determination to live life with glass/plastic essentially glued to one’s face almost 18 hours a day. Faking it? That happens very rarely. To go to Anthropologie, buy a cute pair to match with your outfit, and wear them for a day? Fun! But to go through life with the same pair, day in and day out, clear glass? No way.

I was surprised nobody mentioned the fact that Indian/Pakistani/Desi parents make their female offspring wear glasses all the time to prevent the evil eye (read horny boys) from crossing their darlings’ beautiful faces. My mom often spoke of her classmates, whose beauty inspired their parents to fit them with psudeo-glasses that kept men on the street from harassing them. In fact, when I first got contacts, my parents were horrified and tried desperately to make me cover up my face. Apparently, they believed like Dorothy Parker that “Men don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses.”

Sorry Ms. Parker, try again.