Daddy Bye Bye?

Two desi kids hacked into their father’s computer and are being charged with more than 450 counts of computer crimes. After their father, Arunkumar Ingle was found murdered on on January 21 in his Delaware County home, investigators discovered his two children had been reading their father’s emails among other things.

Arunkumar Ingle never knew that he allegedly was being watched for four years by the very people he once watched over.

Ingle’s children, Parth, 22, and Avnee, 25, were charged Tuesday in Delaware County with repeatedly hacking into their dad’s e-mail account and tracking his whereabouts with concealed GPS devices in his cars.

According to the children, their parents had their share of domestic troubles.

Avnee Ingle told investigators that her parents’ relationship was on the brink of separation or divorce, and that her dad had spent nights in the bedroom while her mother slept on the sofa, according to court documents.

Parth Ingle told police that he learned of his father’s infidelity from his mother in 2003, the documents said.

A year later, he installed keystroke-capture software on his father’s computer that allowed him to obtain e-mail passwords so that he could “track his father’s activities and whereabouts,” the affidavit said.

The e-mails were viewed and accessed by both siblings with their mother’s knowledge, Kirby said.

Court documents imply that Arunkumar Ingle had multiple affairs, but only one is identified by his children in court documents – a relationship with a Russian woman in Philadelphia named “Anna.”

Drastic steps taken by a desperate, angry family? Investigations are ongoing.


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