More time!

z131Maybe it’s the wistfulness that comes with grad school and that sense of impending adulthood, but whatever the case – I’ve been fantasizing about things I would love to do in the six months I have left of freedom.

  • Make a documentary

I feel like such a cultural anthropologist as a I watch my extended family at play. It’s disheartening to think that in another 20 years, very little if any of the traditions they brought as immigrants to America will remain. Even now, the language and nuances are often lost to us younger ones. Interviewing my family both here and in Kansas would be such a great legacy. Everyone from my grandfather who fought in WWII (???? exactly), to my uncle who’s been assembling airplane parts for the last 40 years has a great story to tell.

  • Become a waitress

My final frontier to blue collar path. In the tradition of “Nickeled and Dimed,” I find it helpful to expose myself to as many careers as possible. Why doesn’t Philly have more good diners! IHOP on the Boulevard it is.

  • Get the skinny on skinny

At some point in life, shouldn’t one be able to understand nutrition. Guess not.

  • See something new

Honestly, I have no good explanation for the fact that I’ve never stood in Times Square. Or really gone much beyond Delaware, Maryland, D.C. or New York. Kansas doesn’t count (sorry).  If anyone wants to backpack in Europe or road-trip across America, let me know. Seriously. Let me know.

  • Learn the lingo

Okay, those folks at UPENN better get back to me about auditing that Urdu class. And where did all my French go? Ooh, la la!


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