I hate hate hate

How women are depicted as hysterical, calorie-counting, sugar-obsessed maniacs in this commerical for Nabisco’s 100 calorie mini-Oreo cakesters. For every Dove revolution video, there’s ten of these commercials on television. Do everyone a favor, Nabisco and give women some credit. Not eating any of this crap any time soon.


One response to “I hate hate hate

  1. LOL this commercial is hilariously meta. I think it’s funny that the “Dove revolution” commercials were/are held up as so groundbreaking. I think it’s insulting for a corporation to act as though women need the validation of positive advertising to feel good about themselves.

    Most of all because what Dove gets out of it is not women feeling better about themselves, but being the first company to stamp a brand name on positive female body image. Brills ad campaign, but that’s exactly what it is.

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