Who could fire Fred Sherrrrrrrman????

z11I don’t see how the geniuses at KYW 1060 AM could justify the firing of iconic radio commentator Fred Sherman? Especially after he offered to work for free! As a young kid, Fred Sherman’s voice was the only thing I associated with Philadelphia. Well, that and sidewalks. I wonder if KYW did any research on how many people listen to KYW only to listen to Sherman’s insightful, and always humorous analyses. News radio stations are usually so generic.  He livens up their entire format.



7 responses to “Who could fire Fred Sherrrrrrrman????

  1. What? He offered to work for free, and they still fired him?

    I remember he always signed off as “I’m Fred Sheeerrman.” Sometimes he had a little bit of fun with it and elongated it even more.

  2. i think the emphasis is on the R.
    Fred Sherrrrrrrrman.

    I always thought he talked that way because he’d had a stroke, like the guy who used to do the old carvel ads.

  3. adding that it’s awesome that fred Sherrrrrrrrrrrman looks EXACTLY the way i’d pictured him.

  4. You’re right, Brendan, thanks! (Also, still can’t comment on your site :/)

  5. Thanks for your kind words of support for Fred, I’ll make sure he sees your post.

    Like you I grew up with Fred on the radio and hopefully he will be back on the air (somehow/somewhere) soon.

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  7. Even BArry Abrams was laid off, Mr Hill has said it’s out with the old.

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