Gay is the new Black


Guest post from thabooger!

I was going to title this something else (I think you have an idea) but I didn’t want to piss anyone off. Before I moved here I saw an African American (or just a regular ol’ “American” but whatever) wearing a shirt saying, “Fags are the new N*ggers”. It kinda made me chuckle but I got to thinking how much it made sense. Granted “blacks” had it far shittier than homosexuals and nothing homosexuals go through in this day in age can compare to the atrocities that “blacks” had to endure (I put blacks in parentheses because I’d be pretty f*ckin offended if someone referred my people as the browns). I mean it’s not like homosexuals are being hunted down and lynched just for walking down the street. And its not like homosexuals are forced to dine in separate sections of the restaurant or drink from separate fountains (And god forbid they have to sit in the back of the bus). But when it all comes down to it there is an entire group of people being denied their right to partake in a simple event called marriage.

Now I hear people say, “Well they can get a civil union, it’s basically the same thing”. WTF??? OK well that’s like saying “Well those n*ggers can drink out of their COLORED drinking fountains, it’s the same water!” or “Well those n*ggers can sit in the back of the bus, at least they’re IN the f*ckin bus!” Seriously people, haven’t we progressed enough to get past other people’s differences? “I’m not against gays, I have plenty of gay friends. But when it comes to getting married? Well… that’s a whole different story.” OH lets not forget this one… “Now I have no problem with people being gay. I was raised to be tolerant of everyone. BUT… I’m totally against their disgusting perverted lifestyle because the Bible tells me its wrong.” You gotta check this out. Prepared to be amazed.

OK ok she’ just a kid. But really… she’s not saying anything different than what a full grown indoctrinated adult would say.

So you preach tolerance yet you go and call them perverts and disgusting people. Right.

This is a textbook example of the church forcing their c*cks into the smelly *ss cheeks of politics and… well I get the picture. During the presidential race, the Saddleback Debate had to have been one of the most moronic events I have ever witnessed. Pastor Rick Warren made a comment before the questions commenced saying, “Now I believe in the separation of church and state. BUT what I don’t believe in is the separation of faith and politics”. HOW THE F*CK DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??? I can see this *sshole getting drunk with his buddies the night before taking swigs of Jack Daniels with a pen and paper.

“Hey guys check this out… I believe in the separation of church and state. BUT what I don’t believe in is the separation of faith and politics… makes sense right?”

“Yeah Pastor Rick you’re so smart! Preach it brother!”

What a douche… I can’t even begin to explain how mad this makes me. They seriously think that if gay marriage were legalized then EVERYONE would turn gay. I’m sure you all remember Ted Haggard… tsk tsk. (If you don’t know then look it up and have a good laugh). And then these people talk about the “sanctity of marriage”… yea sanctity of marriage… people in this country are cheating on their spouses and getting divorced left and right and you want to talk about sanctity of marriage? Why don’t they just make divorce illegal? Why don’t they just give adulterers the death penalty? I know why. It’s because they would rather point out the faults and wrong doings of others instead of looking in the mirror. (I’m not sure if anyone knows the Bible story of David and Jonathan but that story soooo gay. in a good way…. I think). Oh and you cant forget this one… “God designed a man and woman to procreate.” Oh ok, so your telling me that people who CAN’T procreate shouldn’t get married? TO ALL YOU MEN SHOOTING BLANKS AND TO ALL YOU WOMEN WITH DEFECTIVE EGGS, SORRY! YOU CAN’T GET MARRIED BECAUSE YOU CANT PROCREATE! “Certain parts of your body are meant to be exit only”. I’m sure there’s plenty of straight couples out there that love anal. Check this guy out.

I’ll stop here because I can go on forever. But it seems to me that people these days can’t tell the difference between SEPARATE and Equal rights. I guess there are those who can’t see the forest through the trees…

Again… sorry if I have offended anyone.

10 responses to “Gay is the new Black

  1. “Again… sorry if I have offended anyone.”

    No need to apologize for your opinions, TB!

  2. Reading TB is like reading my own work. Kudos for your use of the word “douche”, my friend! Your outrage is awesome!

    PG, let TB blog more often, he/she is fantastic (even if i can’t watch the videos at work).

    My personal favorite disconnect is when you ask a pro-lifer if abortion is murder. they will, of course, say it is. Then ask them what punishment the mother should get for committing murder.

    You’ll get silence, followed with an uncomfortable suggestion that doctors should be held accountable.

    Then you point out that doctors don’t kidnap women, tie them up and force them to have abortions: women go to the doctor seeking one. If abortion is murder, you ask, then a woman who seeks an abortion is no different than someone who hires a hitman, right?

    That’s about when they change the subject, because their dogma is stupid.

  3. And when they change the subject, you then follow it up with the wingnut petri-dish question.

  4. I wanted to make one other point about the rights of gays in our country through a personal story. Many years ago I had a cousin with leukemia who required a bone marrow transplant. I had my blood tested to ascertain if I was a bone marrow match for her. Unfortunately I was not, but she did get a transplant from another donor. Ultimately, she lost her battle to leukemia , but the Bone Marrow registry kept my info on file in case I became a match for another individual suffering from this disease. Many years later (out and proud by this point) I received a phone call from the registry telling me I was a match for a little girl who was in need of a bone marrow transplant. The excitement one feels with the prospect of being able to possibly save a persons life (especially a childs) was beyond words. The woman on the phone needed to update the records and began to ask me a myriad of questions regarding my personal life. I answered honestly, not really thinking about the consequences those honest answers would have (again, caught up in the rush of excitement). I told her I was a gay man with a partner of 6 years. At that point she stopped me and told me I could not donate my bone marrow and would have to be taken off the registry list because under the guidelines, gay men are unable to donate. I can’t describe the feeling of disappointment that overwhelmed me. I could have kicked myself (really hard) for being honest about my sexuality. I explained to her that yes, I am a gay man, but have never been promiscuous and had a long term life partner. She aplogized and told me unfortuantely those were the rules. I asked her if she thought that the parents of that little girl who was dying of leukemia would really care if the bone marrow came from a gay person. (ummm they do AIDS testing). She apologized again and our conversation was over. Being a gay man I am also not allowed to give blood if I were to answer the questions honestly. The Red Cross to this day will not change their rules on homosexuals donating blood. If another group of people (such as African Americans or Asians) became the largest group of HIV and AIDS victims, I truely wonder if they would also be denied donation.

  5. what? are u serious? that is absurd! this country seriously has a problem with fear and acceptance.

  6. I’d love to feature your comments as a post, Garret. What say you?

  7. By all means! Thanks

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