Friendship is overrated

Friends. My list of friends, both realworld and facebookworld, is always in a constant state of flux. When I was younger, I was so desperate for friends, anyone who acknowledged my existence was automatically my best friend. I’m still trying to outgrow that mindset. Throughout my school days, however, I realized that while my overtures of friendship were always undertaken with the best of intentions in mind, sometimes someone just needed to get their physics homework done. As in their definition of friendship was what I would now consider “networking.” Which is cool. I know everyone wants PG to help them get those A’s. No biggie.

But the advantage of living in the real world is one gets the chance to reach outside of one’s comfort zone and make friendships that are cultivated on mutual respect and admiration – not grades or some other tangible asset. It’s a constant struggle. But one worth taking. So, will you be my friend?

6 responses to “Friendship is overrated

  1. I don’t know…do you have your physics homework?

  2. It’s ok booboo. Our friendship is comforting when we need it.

  3. I know the feeling. I didn’t have many friends growing up either (and not many now either). I’ve been pretty cynical about MySpace, FaceBook, etc cause they often feel like online popularity contests and really cheapen the word “friend”. A friend is someone you spend time with. A friend is someone who you can turn to when you need a favor. A friend is not just an icon and a hyperlink.

  4. Enjoy any success you have in cultivating friendships now. As life goes on, our responsibilities and schedules make it harder & harder to maintain meaningful friendships. Here’s what I mean:

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