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How to Make Bunny Ears Without Mangling Actual Bunnies

This is amusing. I swear I thought the kids were going to glue-gun the two bunnies together for a bit there. And the scissors part was really iffy too.

Thanks to my designer, Becky K. for sharing it!

Wanna be a famous blogger? Get sued!

Or not.

I’m thinking it’s not a great idea.

You could just Drink Liberally instead.

Here’s the deal. Come to Drinking Liberally tonight from 6-8PM at Triumph and learn how to avoid being sued. Or not. It’s up to you. I mean, I’ve heard it’s a good marketing device. But I’m still not enthusiastic about inviting lawsuits. Which isn’t to say it hasn’t been suggested by people commenting on

“Adam Bonin, who runs the local lawyers’ chapter of the American Constitution Society, is inviting his members to attend DL Center City this week. As part of the joint event, Adam is going to give a brief talk on when bloggers and blog commenters can be sued for what they say, and when someone can use a lawsuit to reveal the identity of someone using a pseudonym.”

The Frustrated Arab’s Diary?

I may not agree with her political views….but this girl sure knows her makeup! And lord knows I like girrly stuff. (Also I’m fascinated by the blog title.) Check it out if you’re curious. Thanks to Frank from Pine View Farm!

Recession? What recession?

At the Cherry Hill mall.

What the heck is wrong with these people? What the heck is wrong with me? ( Because buying crystal champagne flutes as a housewarming gift for myself is nothing if not practical. Especially when one still needs to get a bed. Hey! Those were on sale for $9.99, okay!)

Anyways. Good to know someone’s stimulating the economy.


“As the doors were raised at 10 a.m., hundreds of eager shoppers happily made their way into a new Nordstrom location at the Cherry Hill mall. Despite recent economic woes, shoppers were all smiles as they perused thousands of items in the 138,000 square foot store.

Hundred of eager shoppers? Who are these people? Definitely bankers’ wives.



Guest blogger thabooger on why he hates PETA…

I always thought PETA was just a group of college kids who wanted people to become vegans. Or to have people stop cutting cat’s tails off and feeding it back to them. But the more I read about them the more they sounded like a cult luring in douche bag hipsters and people who think animals can talk like in the Disney movies they watch religiously. I went on YouTube to watch some of PETA’s super hip and super cool members rally against an animal shelter. They accused them of killing innocent animals and making them live in inhumane conditions. When I did some further reading and probing I found that either PETA can’t read or they just like to lie to their members. They say that it is wrong for the shelters to euthanize their animals if things get too packed in the premises. Yet they offer no alternative solution. Continue reading

Best iTunes ad ever

Because it’s Bollywoodelicious! Yay!

Forget Phillygrrl. I <3 taxgirl.

Taxgirl is my heroine. Her site rocks! Check it out! (Ideal time to do so. Esp. if you haven’t filed your taxes yet. Luckily I did, so I should be good. *Crosses fingers.) Also, she’s famous now! Yay!

And she posted this article about what makes a good lawyer on Twitter a bit ago. Just had to share it. (Gotta know this stuff now, yup.)

It’s great!

My favorite excerpt:

So, what is the answer to the question, “What makes a lawyer great?” I would suggest that all of Ms. Peckman’s candidates missed the mark. While I have never received an accolade for being a lawyer, other than perhaps a “thank you,” I leave you with my opinion:

The great lawyer zealously represents his or her clients. At a reasonable price.

I knew it!

Death Be Not Proud


It’s always a little strange when someone dies and you knew them well enough to be upset enough to want to cry, but not well enough to physically let the tears cleanse the hurt. You mourn them, quietly. Your heart hurts a little, but you’re not sure why. Then you remember. There’s one less great person in the world.

The head librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Greater Olney branch – Ms. Jan Kalaminsky died this past Friday. Sixty three days shy of retirement. She’d been a librarian for 38 years.

I feel awful. Awful because she was a great librarian and a great person and she will be missed. But also awful in a selfish way. You see, she was a librarian that I never got to know. Continue reading

Where are all the other Penn Masala-type groups?

Dear Penn Masala,

So I went to your show this past Saturday. It was awesome. It always is.

You Penn undergrads sure know how to put on a show. There’s always a great theme. This year’s was YouTube: The Search for Penn Masala, complete with a couple of YouTube-themed short vids (feel free to post on YouTube ASAP as that hilarity needs to be shared with the world) . Also a great presentation by dancers from Rutger’s SAPA dance team. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day 2009

Scene:  A food worker pauses to survey St. Paddy’s revelers as he empties trashcans.