Only the Inquirer

Or  Or the Associated Press. Could make a human interest story so dull. Gosh, why bother.

Woman seeks parents who abandoned her at bank

The Associated Press

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – A New Jersey bank holds more than money for a young woman. It was where Rebecca Jacob was abandoned as a newborn. A Rutgers University student withdrawing cash from at ATM in the vestibule of what was then the First National Bank of New Jersey on Easton Ave. in New Brunswick found her bundled in a tote bag in March 1990. Jacob turned 19 years old last week. She’s determined to find one or both of her birth parents and learn why they left her. A police check of ATM customers yielded no clues. Jacob says she has forgiven her parents and doesn’t want them prosecuted. Jacob lives in Lindenwold with her adoptive parents and six other brothers and sisters, all of whom also were adopted. She’s attending Camden Community College.

Sorry, I fell asleep. While I was sleeping, my first grader wrote a better story than your intern.


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