I’m not a young Philly politician. Far from it. And while I am interested in public policy and advocacy to a certain extent, I’m still a little gun-shy when it comes to As a new Philly blogger wayyyyy back in December, I made the mistake of contributing to YoungPhillyPolitics without doing my blog research. Basically, I posted on blogs that came up while Googling “Philly blogs.” No strategy at all. Simply random posts. Nothing in the vein of YPP interests. Ah, naivete.  Each blog, especially those with as close-knit a circle as YoungPhillyPolitics has their own culture. Silly girl, politics are for smart people! I’m sure YPP has a great group of caring, progressive folks contributing – I simply am not destined to be one of them any time soon. (Thank god :/) I may just be the more human-interest stories type. We’ll see.

And while in December, YPP was the only blog I used to read, I’ve (thankfully) found (for me) a more comfortable Philly blog scene. Still, as I was deleting the YPP link from my blogroll today, I went on the site and scanned it for old time’s sake.

Oh dear, another poor YPP straggler! Young Malcolm Cain Jr. from G-town Radio, an Internet radio station based out of Germantown. I admire Malcolm. He’s young and he has an opinion and he’s willing to go out there and say it to the world. Ah, if only I had your courage, young Malcolm. Anyway, I did’t see any comment, so I was hoping my readers would have some encouraging words to say to this gentleman.

And without further delay, Malcolm Cain Jr.’s first YouTube video:

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