Aw shucks, my hero

In from PhillyBits:

Eric Oliver Howard was standing in Center City’s James Brown hair salon yesterday afternoon, telling the manager about his company’s blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, “the iPods” of the industry, when outside they heard a woman scream.

Way to promote the vendor’s products based on his description of them as “the iPods” of the industry. Okay Kia Grgeory, Just because he’s a hero doesn’t mean his products are good. Or are they?

The victim was visibly shaken. As Howard handed her the bag, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders for a grateful hug. Police, who took the victim to a district station, did not release her name.

Howard and his associate headed off to their next appointment.

“You don’t think when that kind of thing happens,” said Howard, still catching his breath. “You just kind of go.

“What’s in a woman’s purse?” he asked. “Everything. That could have totally annihilated her week.”

Absolutely right, Howard. Everything is in a woman’s purse, as I said earlier this week.

At the same time, my first thought was that only stupid out-of-towners would bother chasing a mugger. True Philadelphians would be too terrified of possible repercussion. However, PB assures me he has foiled muggings more than once.

Okay, okay. But I was taught never to get involved in any sort of altercation, etc. (Perhaps it’s the immigrant mentality of keeping your head down, eyes averted and just trying to survive. Not that I necessarily agree with this attitude.)

I remember working retail and being instructed to never stop a customer who was shoplifting, even if we saw them take something.

I honestly have no idea how I would react in this sort of situation. I’ve never been the victim of a crime, nor have I witnessed any.


4 responses to “Aw shucks, my hero

  1. As advice, I don’t recommend it really either. But in the instances where I did intervene, I didn’t think about it. I just reacted because I don’t like seeing what I saw in my neighborhood and it’s not right.

  2. And I foiled one mugging.

    In the other one, the guy got away with the goods but not before being chased for a few blocks where he ultimately jumped in his car parked around the corner and drove away at Warp Factor 10.

  3. This explains the knee, right? You’re a veteran of the streets :P

    Purple heart, forthcoming!

  4. Lol. Not really. I don’t know what caused the knee injury. And there are far more deserving people to receive a Purple Heart than me.

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