Wanna be a famous blogger? Get sued!

Or not.

I’m thinking it’s not a great idea.

You could just Drink Liberally instead.

Here’s the deal. Come to Drinking Liberally tonight from 6-8PM at Triumph and learn how to avoid being sued. Or not. It’s up to you. I mean, I’ve heard it’s a good marketing device. But I’m still not enthusiastic about inviting lawsuits. Which isn’t to say it hasn’t been suggested by people commenting on phillygrrl.com.

“Adam Bonin, who runs the local lawyers’ chapter of the American Constitution Society, is inviting his members to attend DL Center City this week. As part of the joint event, Adam is going to give a brief talk on when bloggers and blog commenters can be sued for what they say, and when someone can use a lawsuit to reveal the identity of someone using a pseudonym.”


3 responses to “Wanna be a famous blogger? Get sued!

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