Let’s keep running those numbers, City Paper

Sad and curious about the fact that City Paper’s long-time “Running Numbers” column/feature is being cut.

I was flipping through my copy today, trying to figure out why the layout looked all strange and new. Then I came upon page 32. And there it was:

Cherish it while it lasts — Running Numbers makes its final count.”‘

First of all, Running Numbers is usually in the first five pages of CP’s weekly edition. Usually it’s opposite the editorial. Perhaps I didn’t notice it being surreptiously slid deeper and deeper into the issue. It certainly was happenstance that I found out it was being cut.

What? Why? Where? When? How?

I love Running Numbers! It’s short. Succint. Helpful. And inspiring.

That was my favoritest section.

*Sobs. Brian Howard, you cannot do this to me.

Us geeks love numbers. It helps quantify our life.


One response to “Let’s keep running those numbers, City Paper

  1. i think the biggest piece of egyptian muslim village trash to ever walk gods green earth lives in montgomery county…in fact I’m sure of it….

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