Revenge of the Cat Ladies

I heart cat ladies. Who doesn’t? I used to be  fascinated by a cat lady who lived around the block from me. Her name was Rosie. She had twenty-some cats that lived with her. The neighbors complained. Often. And loudly. Sometimes the police would come with the SPCA. To remove the stray cats. And euthanize them. But she always took strays back in. I always felt a little sympathetic towards her, secretly. Even though I understood why everyone in the block complained about the smell. But her intentions were pure. She died years ago.

Anyhow, so The Jamisonian brings us news of a particular cat lady whose voice wows a crowd. Just a nice little reminder of how little we know the people around us. I often try to imagine the secret talents the people I know are hiding from myself and the world. Because everyone is really good at something. It’s always a fun challenge to figure out who’s good at what and why.

Enjoy this.

Reminds me of Paul Potts.


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