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I wear jeans to church


So I came across Twitter pal Bear Cherian’s blog this week. Through his blog, I discovered a whole world of South Indian Twitterers/bloggers. Good to know. I’ve been intensely curious about South Indian culture ever since I joined a new church last April. Plus, it turned out my church almost booked Bear’s band a couple months ago. Small world. Anyway, so on his blog , Bear asks an interesting question: “What are you wearing…?”

He writes, “This is just a “poll” of sorts to get some perspective on your views. It’s for something I’m working on, which I hope to let you all see/read soon.”The jist of his poll is this: Do you wear jeans to church? I wanted to comment, but my thoughts were too scattered. This topic is too fresh, too close-to-home. It warrants a rant.

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Today’s SEPTA GIRL Article

May2 039

“There are those people who refuse to take SEPTA at night. I am not one of them. On any given week, out of a mixture of sheer stubbornness and necessity, I join the throngs of second-shift workers on their way home. Riding at night is different. Gone are the students and suit-and-tied office workers who pack the aisles during the day. The buses go faster. There is no lingering at stops. People are tired and their tiredness gives way to a sort of looseness that only appears at night.”

Read more on Phawker. Enjoy!

Them are some fancy threads

Pleased to announce that my old classmate and archrival friend,  the amazing Nehad Khader (who I went to both high school and college with) is the progenitor of Tatreez: Palestinian Women’s Embroidery in Philadelphia.  (More on tatreez here.)The exhibit, which is being shown by the Philadelphia Folklore Project, opens June 5. Check it out, it looks fantastic. tatreez

And on a sidenote, what an amazing idea. The idea that the culture of immigrant Americans is worth preserving. *Gasp. Which reminds me, I need to ensure my family’s traditions stay preserved. Continue reading

Does Your Pop Music Suck? Because Katy Perry Does.

/This post has been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito/

Katy Perry: Cheap Zooey Deschanel knock-off? Definitely. Responsible for some of the most inane music and backwards lyrics in recent pop history? For sure. A sign of the coming apocalypse? Quite possibly.

But today, readers, Katy Perry is the catalyst of a blogging decision I may soon come to regret.

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“Why Black Men Cheat”

Someone in front of Merriam Theater handed me a flyer with the aforementioned title. Curious. So apparently there’s this actor, Priest T. Cephas from Wilmington,  Delaware. Dude was inspired to write “one day out of the blue” while sitting on the set of The Wire. He’s sitting there, talking to his mom. He asks her why she didn’t go to the prom. She tells him she got preggers. He writes it into a play, The Tears of a Teenage Mother. And then he keeps writing. Interesting. I’m guessing he’s quite popular.

Check it out at (Apparently was already taken. It’s a dating website :p)

And if you want to know the answers to the question “Why Black Men Cheat:  What Every Woman Wants to Know, but No Man is Willing to Tell” check out Cephas’s forum.

Strip Poker+Vandalism=Stupid

Thanks to J.P. for sharing this!

These kids take strip poker to a whole new level. I dunno. I always thought it would be fun to strip and throw rocks at people. Cops nowadays don’t have a sense of humor :p

“Troopers have arrested a man and a woman suspected of damaging at least 14 vehicles by throwing rocks onto them from a railroad trestle over Interstate 5 near Lakewood, Wash., as a part of a bizarre stripping game…

Investigators say the couple was playing a stripping game, the rules of which involved Madison shedding a layer of clothes for every left headlight the two managed to bust. The same rule applied to Sizemore and right headlights.”

Read more here.

Temple Screws Over Its Secretaries

Oh, the humanities!

Disturbing news over at my old alma mater, Temple University. Turns out that the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University fired yesterday half of its secretarial staff without two weeks notice with pay, many of whom had worked at Temple for years. According to what I’m hearing, they did so without any union involvement or faculty input. Continue reading

Matthew 18:6 Dude on South Broad

Anyone else see this guy walking on South Broad Street in the mornings? I’m thoroughly confused by his walking back and forth with the Biblical reference Matthew 18:6 taped to his back. There’s something else taped to his chest, but I missed that part. I keep meaning to ask him what the deal is, but I’m a) usually on my bike, b) a wee bit nervous. Anyone else know about this? Matthew 18:6 says “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Dunno, that doesn’t really help me much, man. Sorry.

May 009

Teeth, teeth, teeth


So lately, I’ve had teeth on my mind. (So does Demi Moore apparently.)  No surprise considering I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out in June. (Ouch!) Anyways, so I came across the story of 12-year old Deamonte Driver, a Maryland boy who died from an abcessed tooth. Preventative care (at an estimated $80) could’ve saved him. His family didn’t have access to those kinds of funds, or the appropriate care. He had two operations. Spend six weeks in the hospital. He died. Continue reading

Chocaholics Rejoice!

May2 019

I am impatiently waiting for Max Brenner’s Chocolate Restaurant to open at 15 & Walnut. (Or is it called the Max Brenner Chocolate Restaurant?) Haven’t heard of Max Brenner?

According to this New York Times article, one of his establishments is described as “part retail sweetshop, part café, and all slickly packaged cocoa-­scented theme park.” Sounds good to me. The joint is opening in Summer 2009, according to his website. And on the board outside the establishment, they’re apparently hiring servers. Anyone know the exact date? This Inquirer piece doesn’t tell much.  I could use some sweetness this summer. Continue reading