Lunchtime with Ramit Sethi

Financial guru extraordinaire Ramit Sethi stopped by Philadelphia to sign some books and chat with fans of his new book I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I’m looking forward to his upcoming projects, including a possible e-book on navigating healthcare insurance plans…


If you’ve ever visited his website, you’ll already know that Ramit is a great speaker. His casual tone resonates well with readers of his blog and book. His talk today was no exception. I thought it would be fun to feature random one-liners from the very serious discussion about finance he had with his fanclub…

*Drumroll please.

Random Remarks by Ramit*

“One of my ideas is to get a film crew to follow me to New Delhi as I haggle with marketplace vendors.”[On showcasing the power of negotiation.]

“I just make fun of people who are dieting.” [On how his area of expertise is about finance, not nutrition.]

“The f*cking book sounds like a scam.” [Referring to how some people react upon reading the title of his /blogbook, I Will Teach You to be Rich.]

“Suze Orman is a little kooky.”[On the varying styles of his fellow financial experts.]

“I believe in something called The Craigslist Penis Effect.”[Basically the premise is that if a woman puts up a personal ad on CL, she’ll bypass a number of explicit emails to respond to any non-perverted poorly-written email. Similarly, people will flock to anyone who purports themselves as a financial “expert.”]

“It’s important to be ultra-stable on big things and risky on small things.”[On taking risks in life.]

“I love dirty, street-food.” [On getting a lunch cart cheese steak.]

*These quotes are totally taken out of context. I happen to find them extremely hilarious on their own.


7 responses to “Lunchtime with Ramit Sethi

  1. Let me know when you’re rich, okay? Then we can talk about making a movie – not necessarily about me, but certainly starring me (with maybe Freida Pinto as my co-star).
    Oh, and don’t take too long – I ain’t gettin any younger.

  2. phillygrrl

    It’s not about getting rich. It’s about managing better what you have :p

    Hmmm, but I’ll think about this movie deal.

    May be faster if I just wrote a screenplay…

  3. The screenplay idea works for me. You can even write Freida out, and PG in…:) One of us – at least – would be bound to win an Oscar

  4. SanugrahaT

    I’m starting to really like this guy. I wanted to go the the one in philly but scheduling conflicts. My favorite from advice from his is when we need to make certain decisions, think “WWID”…’What would a Indian Do’. That had me laughing for awhile. Along with a recent video of him when he had to answer what car he drove and I think he said, “I drive a honda (or something similar) cause well, I’m Indian)

    Thanks PG for introducing me to him via your previous blogs!

  5. SanugrahaT

    Sorry about the grammatical and spelling errors, I’m clearly on sleep mode.

  6. phillygrrl

    Lol, I know. The WWID was hilarious. He keeps it real, that’s for sure.

    I still can’t believe he gave me permission to quote him on all that stuff!

    Mad cool :)

  7. Wowie. I’m quite bitter that I missed his visit in philly since its my stomping ground. I mustve missed the memo since I was busy w/ me TPS reports. Thanks for posting the highlights, glad I found another Philly blogger. Ill stay in tuned here now.

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