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Dude… is it THAT hard?


ThabOOger on Wolverine. WARNING: Spoilers after the jump!

I’m about to sound like the biggest nerd ever. So here it goes. NERDS ASSEMBLE!!!

Now it’s not like I expected the Wolverine movie to stay true to the comics. Hell, none of the recent comic book movies stayed true to the original story but I did expect X-Men Origins: Wolverine to at least TRY to keep things accurate. But how they managed to TOTALLY turn one of the most popular/interesting superheroes in the Marvel Universe into a total prop is beyond me.

First of all I think the X-Men movies could take a few pointers from Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and the recent “Nolanized” versions of the Batman Franchise. People want to feel emotionally connected with the main characters. They want to be able to relate to his/her in whatever way they can. Yes, I understand that they are not going to be able to relate to having super powers, (“OMG I totally hate it when I’m trying to wash my hands and my claws end up cutting the sink in half.”) but could we please have some deep emotion besides anger? Maybe regret? Or maybe a little guilt/shame thrown in there? I also think in order to have said emotions you would need good acting? Continue reading