Daily Archives: May 11, 2009

Best kept to the professionals

TB writes about his hyphy (?) days…

Back in Northern California we had this little thing called Hyphy. Originally this phrase was just used as an adverb/adjective but somehow it became a “Way of life”.

Hyphy was the name and acting like a bunch of inebriated morons was the game . That was basically the gist of Hyphy, getting drunk and high off primo medicinal ganja while rollin’ on E pills (sigh… it was fun while it lasted). But one of the weirdest things to ever be conceived from this craziness was call ghost riding. You would turn your speakers up, put your car in drive and then jump out of your still moving vehicle and dance alongside it while still moving (or you could dance on top of your car… as long as you get back in the car before it crashes into something). So I guess it’s supposed to reenact a ghost mysteriously riding in your car. Continue reading