Show me the kulfi

This photo was taken by PG reader F.A. a phillygrrl from Olney who’s currently a Berkley-ite. She took it in Jackson Heights, NY. Apparently, there is not eating kulfi outside this particular storefront. What is kulfi, you ask? Only the brown man’s version of water ice.

Kufli-ishAh, I totally want some kulfi now. Especially after seeing this handy recipe vid made by the lovely ladies from on YouTube.

Anyone know where I can find some kulfi in Philly? Oh yeah, my momma’s house. Never mind :P


3 responses to “Show me the kulfi

  1. yeah the only place I know for kulfi in Philly is Sabzi mandi, in the freezer section, but its not particularly good….

  2. There’s an Indian store in Penn territory on 43rdish and Walnut [next to a 7-11 ironically enough]- they might have some but don’t hold me to it because I haven’t been around there in over a year

  3. phillygrrl

    Thanks Srav, I’ve been going to that store since I was a little kid. Great samosas, highly recommended. Kulfi? As far as I know, they don’t make fresh kulfi, but like you, I haven’t been there in a bit…

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