Desi Gals (Don’t) Get Married

This article, by Philadelphia Examiner Hitha Palepu (who also wrote a great piece on Falu! that was published on The Desi Diva had me laughing, and empathizing.

It really just may be an Indian thing.

However, it was all I heard this weekend.  My thoughtful gifts for my dad’s birthday (a Shutterfly picture book filled with the good, bad, and ugly of Dr. Palepu’s life) and Mother’s Day (flowers, brunch, a pizza stone she’s been wanting for over a year) were overlooked by the fact that they both didn’t get what they really want: a son-in-law.

Definitely a Pakistani thing as well. Ugh, holidays are more and more turning into less of a family celebration and more of a group guilt trip.

My advice to Hitha is the same good ol’ Nancy Reagan told her kids. “Just say no.”


One response to “Desi Gals (Don’t) Get Married

  1. Haha,

    I can definitely relate! Try being the oldest girl in your family!! My grandmother’s already trying to hook me up with Indian Immigrants!

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