Five Reasons I <3 Blogging

In the vein of the “advice” columns I have felt like writing of late

When I started writing for, I got a lot of flack from my frenemies. Advice I was given from fellow bloggers?

“Blogging is so 1997!”

“Blogging is giving away your ideas for free.”

“You’re never going to make any money, what’s the point? Blogging doesn’t have an ROI!”

“Don’t blog until you’re somebody. You’re just wasting your time.”

Ah, kiddies. I beg to differ. Here are five reasons I like to blog:

  • Blogging makes you a better writer. Writing on a daily basis is a chore most people would rather avoid, even English majors like myself. But having a blog that you want people can read motivates one to write daily. Not that push-button publishing is always smart. But still. Blogging gives you the push to try different styles of writing that newspaper editors do not.
  • Blogging=real friends. Internet friends. Creepy, huh. Welcome to the new world of social connectedness. Whether it’s work or school, most of the times, you end up making friends with people simply because they’re there, not always because you like them, or they like you. Blogging gives you the chance to connect better with people who think like you and are interested in the same things you are. Have I made real friends since I started blogging? I think so. Twitter helps, FYI.
  • Blogging=education. You learn more about yourself. Your prejudices. Your ignorance. And your passions. At the same time (hopefully) you learn from the folks who comment on your blog. Blogging has certainly broadened my perspective on a number of issues. And while I may not be a WordPress pro, throwing around words like “HTML” and “CSS” around my designer friends never hurts a person.
  • Blogging promotes you (and your friends). Nobody is ever going to tell the world about the great things you’re doing. Except maybe your mother, but seriously, who listens to them anymore (sorry, Mom). If you’re talented at something, or your friends are doing something awesome, blogging is the perfect way to spotlight ‘em.
  • Blogging=Less stress. Blogging keeps me from snapping at hapless civilians. Why? Because if something upsets me (bad customer service experiences, especially), I have a platform to complain that doesn’t involve beating the crap out of somebody. Although I can do that too, just so you know. PG does have steel-toed boots.

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