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Word of the day: vote.

“The best way you have of voicing your opinion in a way that can matter. Nothing’s perfect, and there’s always going to be mistakes, but there is simply no excuse for not casting a ballot for what you believe in. Take the time to understand the issues and then take the time to vote. Don’t let people who aren’t going to be around four years from now decide your future. Complaining without voting is worse than any hanging chad.”

Definition taken from the Urban Dictionary.


State Rep. Mark Cohen = My Hero

Attendees at the first meeting of the Friends of the Greater Olney Library

Attendees at the first meeting of the Friends of the Greater Olney Library

So a wee bit ago, my community newspaper, The Olney Times, stopped being delivered to my house. It took me a while to notice.  And then I realized that the paper had not been (as in previous times), commandeered forcibly by a neighborhood dog or swept to the side by an unruly toddler.  It was truly gone. Sadness.  A community without a newspaper is hardly a community, indeed.

And then, miraculously, thanks to local businessmen, citizens and legislators, including Mark Cohen – it came back. A miracle indeed. Continue reading


“Don’t touch. It’s alive.”

MayChinatown 002

I wasn’t going to vote tomorrow…

But now I feel compelled. Yes, children, the spirit has come upon me! Because Republican Sen. John Eichelberger has declared his intention to write discrimination into the state constitution. Even though there already exists a state law declaring marriage is for breeders.

Since I dream of one day being a first-class citizen (a la Brave New World), and also admittedly because I’m half-unemployed and have nothing to do tomorrow, I think I’ll stroll across the street and cast a vote.

So, unemployed people of the world, don’t be *ssholes!  Remember we’re a huge demographic now. Let’s put our sh*t to use!

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