Daily Archives: May 20, 2009

Desi Frats/Sororities Confuse Me

Okay, I admit it. I have a wee bit of a girlcrush on ABC’s Greek star, Dilshad Vadsaria (check out her fancy site), who plays the role of Rebecca Logan. She’s gorgeous. She’s Pakistani (and also Portuguese and Indian, so I’m thinking Goan, perhaps?). Her favorite book is my favorite book. Plus, she’s kinda, sorta a Philadelphian (once a Philadelphian, always a Philadelphian, right?). So basically my alter-ego if I were to fulfill my dream of acting/waitressing/getting a nose-job/losing 50 lbs/traumatizing my parents.

What little I’ve seen of Greek isn’t compelling (men may beg to differ), but it did kinda remind me of my college time. How so? All the desi frats/sororities on college. Continue reading


80 Degrees+ Sunny=Happy Harassment Day

God forbid I write the same post over and over again. Without further ado: my annual rant on springtime. Oh yeah, and how much I hate Philly men (sometimes). This was inspired by my morning route, whereby I find clever ways to avoid certain oglers in Chinatown.

“There’s something about summer in the city that turns perfectly normal men into animals.

A little something involving a combination of miniskirts, breezy summer dresses, low cute denim short shorts combined with thong sandals that turns men into cat-calling apes.

Oh who am I kidding, Philly men find something to hoot and holler about no matter the season. However, it’s bad enough the rest of the year, but in the summer it’s worse.”