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Presidential Material

Guest blogger TB on politician Jesse Ventura…

Jesse Ventura is pretty cool. I always thought he was some meat head thatgot elected for Governor because people were scared of being body slammed but that’s not the case evidently. And yes, he is for decriminalizing marijuana but that’s not the only reason why I think he’s such a swell guy. He has an uncanny ability to just “tell it like it is”, which doesn’t sound so amazing but when you look at all the politicians out there who (for whatever reason) can’t or won’t “tell it like it is” it makes me wonder… why isn’t this guy running for president?

Here’s a clip of him being interviewed my Geraldo Rivera on marijuana.

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Who watches the Watchmen?

Guest blogger TB on police officers…

I guess a security camera watches the watchmen. And by watchmen I mean the police. I’ve been treated like shit by police on more than one occasion so my views on law enforcement are extremely jaded. I’ll admit some of the times I deserved it but most of the physical and verbal (and yes racial abuse too) were uncalled for. Now I know there are good police officers out there but shit, I can’t see them anywhere. So fuck all of them. Yea that might sound a bit harsh considering recent events but whatever I have my reasons.

My biggest issue is when one of them fucks up and acts like the corrupt pigs that they are the whole gang covers for them. What separates them from a street gang? Oh yea a corrupt governments approval and a shitty badge. Now I’m not saying they should all die but if they did their job a little bit better and actually used their common sense instead of acting like a bunch of malfunctioning ignorant robots then maybe I would feel a tiny hint of sadness when one of them does go down.

Not beating up 15 yr old girls would be a nice start

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