Daily Archives: May 22, 2009

Daddy ate my eyes…

Guest blogger TB on a recent tragedy in Cali…

In Bakersfield, California a man came home and mutilated his 4 yr old son leaving him unconscious and bleeding profusely. When inspected by doctors they found that one of his eyes and the surrounding muscle were missing and the other eye was damaged beyond repair. Neighbors found the boy lying naked on the floor bleeding heavily with bite marks on his hands. When the boy was questioned about what had happened he replied, “My daddy ate my eyes out.”

They found the boy’s father, 34-year-old Angelo Mendoza, high on PCP in a nearby back yard chained to a tree trying to hack his legs off with an ax.

Once they process this asshole into a prison he will get what he deserves. News will spread to all the other inmates and only god knows what they will have in store for this piece of shit. What is this world coming to?