It’ll be perfect, since all of my degrees are in dog walking.

/This post commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito//who by the way wants to remind you to send your latest sources of pop music shame to and see your pick in big internet lights this Friday/

All right, so this post, cleverly entitled “PET SITTERS NEEDED” has been up on Philly’s Craigslist for like a year now. I wonder why they haven’t filled the positions?


But my favorite is this one:

Be looking for long term, permanent work. This is not the job for someone looking for any job until something “better” comes along.

Hell, I can name a dozen people off the top of my head who dream of becoming career pet sitters. I mean, come on: $15/hour, part-time, no benefits and a “go-with-the-flow” schedule including nights, weekends and holidays really sets one up for retirement. I can just picture the blessed few who qualify for this job bending over to pick up a steaming fresh dog turd at 3am on Thanksgiving Day, and thinking to themselves:

Here I am. I’ve really made it.


3 responses to “It’ll be perfect, since all of my degrees are in dog walking.

  1. Another classic comment on modern culture (and a clueless employer) from Don Bito.

  2. phillygrrl

    I totally was going to apply for this job…no joke.

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