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Quotable Quotes from Brian Tierney vs. Will Bunch

And more in the John Yoo saga. My favorite lines from today’s WHYY Radio Times discussion featuring Brian Tierney and Will Bunch. (I left out the parts where Tierney spelled out philly.com three times.)

Brian Tierney says:

“I suggested John Yoo, but in the end it’s Harold Jackson who runs the editorial page.”

“John Yoo is a brilliant lawyer and legal scholar…”

“His [John Yoo’s] story is a terrific story in terms of immigrant parents coming to America…”

“He is an internationally recognized constitutional scholar…he appears in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal…” [On why the Inquirer chose to feature JY as a regular columnist.]

“We have really been excited about finding people who have an international present…but have a local presence as well…for instance Lisa Scottoline” [On why John Yoo is a real Philadelphian.]

“He [John Yoo] hasn’t been indicted and convicted…”

“I want to be blunt with you – in terms of the amount of traffic that I’ve received on this issue – there’s not been a huge amount of mail…”

“I want them to paint in the boldest possible colors…” [Regarding the Inky/DN bloggers/columnists]

“I want every person to love certain things and absolutely hate certain things.” [Regarding the Inquirer’s editorial page.”

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SEPTA Girl: Beginnings

Last Friday’s SEPTA Girl article:

“Perhaps it’s best to start at the beginning. When I was a girl of three, I lived with my parents and my older brother in the first floor of a row house on South Farragut Street in West Philadelphia. Occasionally, when my father was using the family’s orange VW Beetle or when my mom didn’t feel like driving, she would take me and my older brother on the Girard Avenue Trolley (Route 15).”

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