“Why Black Men Cheat”

Someone in front of Merriam Theater handed me a flyer with the aforementioned title. Curious. So apparently there’s this actor, Priest T. Cephas from Wilmington,  Delaware. Dude was inspired to write “one day out of the blue” while sitting on the set of The Wire. He’s sitting there, talking to his mom. He asks her why she didn’t go to the prom. She tells him she got preggers. He writes it into a play, The Tears of a Teenage Mother. And then he keeps writing. Interesting. I’m guessing he’s quite popular.

Check it out at www.whyblackmencheat.org. (Apparently www.whyblackmencheat.com was already taken. It’s a dating website :p)

And if you want to know the answers to the question “Why Black Men Cheat:  What Every Woman Wants to Know, but No Man is Willing to Tell” check out Cephas’s forum.


12 responses to ““Why Black Men Cheat”

  1. Disappointed

    Has anyone seen a review for these plays???? Im sorry…did we see the same play?? I don’t understand. Have we as black people become so starved for cultural entertainment that we will settle for anything? I went to this play with a friend against my better judgement because I didn’t want to assume anything about the play by the ridiculous flyer. So…it was ok with you that the play was 5 hours long? It was ok that the actors didn’t know their lines and that the writer himself called the actors by the wrong name??? What we witnessed was a poor excuse for a dress rehearsal at the price of quality theatre.
    I feel bad for the actors, because if they do have any talent, it was not shown here and in my opinion this farse would damage any chance of reputable roles in the future.

    But to answer the question…which by the way was never really answered by the play…men cheat for the same reasons women cheat. People cheat for millions of reasons from accessibility, boredom, self-esteem issues, the list could go on forever. We are individuals and all have different reasons. If you think that question can truly be answered in a general statement, you are probably being cheated on. As a past cheater, it was my significant other who tried to figure out the “why’s.”

    Wake up and stop being an idiot.
    And Mr. Cephas, keep your plays in churches and high school gyms….but I guess you are making money off this nonsense because your audience doesn’t know any better. And for that I dont know who to blame.

  2. phillygrrl

    Hey D,
    I actually did not see the play. According to your description, it sounds terrible. I guess just because it’s hosted at the Merriam doesn’t mean it’s high quality!

  3. Part Time Lover

    I kinda disagree with Disappointed, I thought was actually good but the only flaw was the time limit. It was five hours long and I agree that the writer should have shorten the play timing. I can understand when some people can forget their lines because I experienced forgeting lines myself when I was involved in a few plays.I think all of the actors had each gave their decent performance which was satisfactory . What I’m trying say is people need to stop expecting perfection and should accept a decent performance. I mean it’s not like it’s Broadway here . I guess the writer puts the “Why” into “The Black Men Cheat” is that men in general do cheat because men think infidelity is a game when it’s not especially when comes to hurting that heart of a love one. Also I think the reason why men cheat is because of the mind games that men use to control both intelligent and naive women to heighten up their low self esteem. Overall I give this play an 8 out of 10. I had to minus 2 points for the timing span.

  4. think positive

    Disappoined I’m sure with a name like that you would be negative in everything and your life. And for this phillygirl your just a disappoint ment yourself, and need to get brain and think for yourself and not because of what someone else says. Any how I plan to go see the play.

  5. Sure thing, just as soon as you send me a ticket :P

  6. Think positive, seriously though I’d love to hear what you think of it. Be sure to post your review!

  7. They’re all idiots with idiotic reasons I’m sure.

  8. To the person that made the first comment about Why Black Men Cheat I have to disagree! You started off by saying “I went Against my better judgement” which means you didnt want to go in the first place. So why did you? Why didnt you leave during intermission? I believe you could of even got your money back,but instead you stayed and took notes that you should of given to Mr. cephus directly to help him instead you go online and try to hurt him. I didnt see the play when it was at the Merriam, but I did see it at the Grand Opera in Delaware and I will admit it was a little long, but it kept your attention the entire time. I waited in line to meet Mr Cephus and he is a humble man not to mention easy on the eyes!!! And when he told me that he’s been writing for a little over 2 years I was amazed!!! I cant wait to see where God will take him in the next 2 years. New York or Atlanta. I can see Why Black Men Cheat starring Preist Cephus,Meagan Good Brian Mcknight and maybe even you if you stop hating PS I wish I would of known about this blog along time ago I would of posted a comment then. I will try to get everyone I know to post there opinion about the play

  9. There are so many reason why people cheat but I know this is that I had never cheated in every relationship I was in but don’t give me no wrong I was almost tempted a couple of times. I did saw the play at the grand opera house too, I agree with impessed. The play was great and appealing and my friends and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also saw the tears of a teenage mother play too, that was very good and inspirational. Mr Cephas is a very talented man and I hope for the best for him and his production. I even met him too and I admit he is nice and a very handsome man and pure eye candy too. why black men cheat is a gotta-see play.

  10. I have been playing on partypoker and empire poker for a year and I have never seen as many cheating programs as I have in the past three months. Can’t something be done? They are cheating FOR partypoker and reselling chips back to us. Come on!!!!

  11. I think Mr. Cephas is very talented. God is taking him to hire places and for all you haters, hate on. Why Women Cheat is his next production. Can’t wait to see it. He’s learning and He has my support 100%. That’s what’s wrong with our people, always putting each other down, instead of lifting each other up. I’m proud of him, at least he’s doing something positive with his life.

  12. marycontrary

    I disagree that there are many reasons why people cheat. I think there is only one. They do not know what it is to love honestly.

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