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Temple Screws Over Its Secretaries II

So remember when I told you about how Temple abruptly fired much of its secretarial staff in certain departments. The unions put out their press release on the matter Saturday.

“Temple AFSCME and TAUP join in condemning the recent inhumane and hastily executed actions by Temple’s administration against a group of employees in the AFSCME bargaining unit. 19 employees in CLA and other locations in the University were suddenly informed last week that their jobs would be terminated, and that they would need to reapply for newly classified positions. They were given 24 hours to schedule interviews, 48 hours to submit their applications and 72 hours to secure letters from recommendation. To add to the outrage, they were subjected to 10 minute ‘interviews’ in which they were asked questions designed to have them identify fellow co-workers as inessential. This Wednesday, a mere ten days after being initially informed of this process, these employees were informed of their fate: Nineteen were fired and escorted from the building by the building manager or security guards; they now face finding new jobs in the worst economic environment in decades. [They were given no severance pay.] Many others were shifted around to other departments in CLA, ejected from jobs they had done well for years or even decades.  Continue reading

Football Theatrics

Guest blogger TB on soccer…err..football…err…some sport played with a ball…

Ok, to all those assholes out there who want to be all correct about everything, I know it’s called football get over it (I’m going to start calling it soccer now). Now don’t get me wrong, I love soccer as a sport. I played it 90% of my childhood and continued to play once I got out of high school just for kicks. But watching soccer is like watching paint dry. Not only is it a bore to watch but the players are such babies. Since when was it acceptable to openly fake an injury? Of all the sports in the world I have never seen such theatrics as shown in soccer. That’s why I would rather watch real football where players smash into each other without flinching or even rugby for that matter. But why has soccer turned into such a shitty sport? Here are a few examples of soccer babies faking injuries.

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In Which Chapterhouse Coffee Apologizes

So two weeks ago, I had a bad customer service experience. Let’s just say customer service was a little lacking when I went to Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery on 620 S. 9th Street. In short, I tried to buy something with my debit card (the store has a $10 minimum policy) and was refused service. I was willing to pay the minimum, but the clerk was not willing to sell for whatever reason. Well, the discussion moved on to Yelp where it sparked a fierce debate about credit/debit card minimum.

And yesterday, the co-owner of the Chapterhouse responded. Here’s what she writes:

“i am the co owner of chapterhouse and sister of the guy you are speaking of…..not sure what to say. i do not condone his behavior in anyway so i will just personally apologize for it upfront. it hurts me to read the story over and over as i have. what i can say is cc company’s charge an exorbitant amount of money to the business. we have debated (my brother and i) a lot about whether to continue taking cc. it is really tough for a small shop such as ourselves. i have really been the one that thinks we need to because we are also a gallery. anyway i feel he was taking out his frustration for me and the cc company’s on you & i am so sorry for that. he is a really good guy…i could have never started chapterhouse without him. everyone has bad days… sometimes it is hard for us to put that away before we get to work. im sure you have all been there….i love my shop and would like to stick around and beat the odds. so you can take this for what its worth…which may be nothing but i had to say it ….chapterhouse is my baby.” Continue reading