Football Theatrics

Guest blogger TB on soccer……err…some sport played with a ball…

Ok, to all those assholes out there who want to be all correct about everything, I know it’s called football get over it (I’m going to start calling it soccer now). Now don’t get me wrong, I love soccer as a sport. I played it 90% of my childhood and continued to play once I got out of high school just for kicks. But watching soccer is like watching paint dry. Not only is it a bore to watch but the players are such babies. Since when was it acceptable to openly fake an injury? Of all the sports in the world I have never seen such theatrics as shown in soccer. That’s why I would rather watch real football where players smash into each other without flinching or even rugby for that matter. But why has soccer turned into such a shitty sport? Here are a few examples of soccer babies faking injuries.

Now if this video didn’t make you a little sketchy about watching another soccer game then… I don’t know maybe you just like soccer more than I do.

But to be fair if a referee catches you faking an injury he will give you a yellow card for ‘diving’. But if you want to learn how to fake a soccer injury you can read this.


2 responses to “Football Theatrics

  1. first, man united are evil
    second, Soccer is a british term short for Association Football. I hate pendants who turn their noses down on people who call it soccer for being too American or something.
    third, diving is a major problem, but soccer is a contact sport not wimpy

  2. true that. but back in my soccer days we never faked injuries. its sad to see whats become of the sport.

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