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Turns out Some Comments = Spam

I could kick myself for missing this. (I did, no worries.) Apparently WordPress is flagging some of the comments people leave as spam. Which sucks. Because there’s a number of great comments on posts you won’t get to read. My apologies for that. Wanted to especially highlight a comment on the Temple Secretaries post by a Temple prof. Especially now that Philebrity noticed the whole Temple fiasco. She writes:

“This is a great blog post. And Gregory, I’m worried for you. I teach at Temple, and I am contingent, as are a majority of the faculty there. Hired every fifteen weeks w/o job security, no benefits, no office in many cases — with maximum class number going up over the years from 18 to 28 but NO increase in salary. Most of your faculty will be part-time, teaching not only at Temple but at other universities in the area. Rushing from classes on campus to teach elsewhere. You won’t be able to find them. Most of them won’t have offices. Not only will be there be no secretaries and support staff to help you, but you will have so few full-time professors available to you that you will feel isolated, confused and alone most of the time. At least that’s why my students have told me, with increasing rage, over the last several years.

What can students do? Demand courses taught by full-time faculty — refuse to take anything else unless they charge you 1/3 of the tuition — since that’s what contingents are paid — 1/3 of what a full-time faculty member would get for teaching the same course, having the same degrees, and often having more years of experience. Join the strikes and actions that will invariably be taking place this fall. Take a look at my website: http://www.junctrebellion.com for more information about this, and join us there — we need a growing number of voices to put an end to all this. Academia is being destroyed by administrators who never teach — what do they know about what it takes to teach? what do they care that secretaries who have devoted 30 years of their lives to the institution may now be facing poverty and homelessness?

Short answer: they don’t. Administrators now outnumber faculty on every campus across the country. And these are administrators hired to bust unions for the very reason that we see here — their ability to stall contract negotiations and to fire for economic reasons anyone they deem needs firing.

Where does that leave all of you who are students? Screwed. Seriously screwed.

‘Junct Rebellion has a Facebook page too — join us there.”

My mom loves the Jonas Brothers

For some unknown reason. In her defense “They’re such cute little Christian boys and their dad is a pastor. I saw them on 20/20!” Okay Mom, whatever. Vomits. I wish I didn’t know who they were, but if you had any students/cousins under the age of 10, trust me, you’d know too. Here’s a nice little Jonas brothers vid I couldn’t help sharing torturing you with.

This is a terrible video for several reasons. First. They’re the Jonas Brothers. Second, they’re the Jonas Brothers. Third: Dude clearly doesn’t take the time to learn the words. So the lip-syncing sucks. That’s “If you like it, put a ring on it,” man. Not “If you buy my CD, I’ll lapdance for ya.” Fourth: Nobody can do Beyonce like Justin Timberlake.

Great, now Brendan’s not riding SEPTA

And that’s one less good person on your train.


There goes Brendan Skwire. Walking away from SEPTA in disgust. Photo credit: Ray Skwire

So here’s Brendan. Philly advocate. My Drinking Liberally buddy. One of my favorite PG commenters. And now? Ex-SEPTA rider.

Here’s what he writes on his (fantastic) blog, Brendan Calling:

“Last night I rode SEPTA regional rail for the first time in a few years. It wasn’t really by choice: my car broke down and I had to get out to Narberth to pick with the Dill Pickles. My buddy Nik said that once you get on the train it takes about 15 minutes to get there.”

You know where he’s going with this. (Yup, yet another SEPTA fail for Albert Yee’s collection.) Read the entire story here. Poor guy, he was just trying to get to his band gig.

He ends by writing:

“I will NEVER ride the regional rail again except for the purpose of entertaining my kid. I won’t even use it in an emergency: I’d just as soon take my bike or hail a cab in THIS city. For me, SEPTA’s regional lines serve no serious purpose: it’s one thing to add an extra hour to your commute when you’re trying make a train on time. It’s another entirely to add TWO extra hours to your commute because the trains show up 45 minutes late.

They should change the name of the Philly’s monopoly on transit to SCHLEPTA. It fits a whole lot better.”

Yikes! NEVER? In all-caps? That’s serious business. I can’t imagine never riding SEPTA again. I love SEPTA. Well, the people and the experience more than the actual entity. However, as Phawker’s SEPTA Girl, I should probably respond to Brendan’s post. Wait, why should I say something? I didn’t make Brendan late. I didn’t screw up his evening. I’m not responsible. SEPTA is. SEPTA should apologize. But they probably won’t.

So here we go: Continue reading