Daily Archives: June 11, 2009

Three Summer Accessories Every PG Needs

I’m not a fashionable gal. I don’t stress over straightening irons or hairdryers (I lost mine a year ago and haven’t missed them.) I wear makeup. When I remember.

If a piece of clothing is comfortable, I’ll wear it. If not – back to the thrift store it goes. But, as the languorous days of  summer approach (or have they already come?) a little glamor is called for. Especially if you’re a phillygrrl.

Three things that are more Betty Davis than Ugly Betty?

aviatorThe aviator glasses. Or as I like to call ’em – the boyfriend sunglasses. (I used to wear the men’s version.) But now they’ve started making women’s aviator glasses. Finally. Why aviators? They’re delicate, not chunky like those Chanel-type sunglasses. So they work with any face. Not just an anorexic/plastic-surgeried one.  And they’re metallic (not plastic, ugh). So they match with your  jewelry. Plus, you can pretend you’re the female James Bond and be hard-core myterious. It adds a little edge to an otherwise feminine get-up. Continue reading