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Does Your Pop Music Suck? Sellout Revolutionaries.

/This post has been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito/

I’d like to make Green Day the winners of my first ever Most Depreciated Band award (unless someone can come up with a better name for the inverse of a “Most Improved” award, b/c I cannot).  As Exhibit A, I present their most recent smudge of psuedo-revolutionary dreck, Know Your Enemy.

I don’t know about Green Day, but MY enemy is 3 lines of melody masquerading as a song. Have you seen that anywhere? Sneaky bastard.  Definitely gives me violent urges.

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Bad luck, or fate?


Guest post from ThaBOOger.  I missed you, man!

If this isn’t the craziest shit in the world then I don’t know what is.

First I’ll start on a lighter note. Did you guys know that they are making another Final Destination movie? Yes, another one. Please stop already. This installment of the popular series about Death hunting down people who escape major disasters is called THE Final Destination… which hopefully means it will be THE last piece of shit movie ever. I guess this one is going to start off with a NASCAR disaster… wow, seriously? NASCAR??? Wasn’t there a car related incident in part 2? (Don’t worry I stopped watching after part 2). And the third one had a roller coaster accident from what I have seen. I want to see a restaurant accident where there’s a chain reaction of people falling on forks which are strategically placed at the edges of all the tables, which in return, causes them to fly all over the place stabbing people in the head.

Sigh… won’t happen. Hollywood sucks.

But on a slightly more serious note (yes, slightly… because I’m an asshole), an Italian  woman was late and as a result missed boarding Air France Flight 447 Rio de Janeiro airport on May 31. The plane crashed into the Atlantic about four hours into the flight. One can only imagine the feelings going through her mind when she found out the horrible news. Feelings of happiness, sadness, gratefulness… well… I don’t think those feelings lasted for long because she is now dead. Johanna and Kurt Ganthaler where driving down an Austrian road earlier this week when their car lost control and ended up being hit by an oncoming truck outside the town of Kufstein. Her husband is in critical condition…

Terrible… I guess you really CAN’T hide from Death…

Lovers & Madmen Coffee Lounge Rocks


If you hang out in University City, or you’re tired of fighting for spare outlets to plug in your laptop in Center City coffee shops, head straight to the Market El and don’t stop until you get to 40th Street. A block away from the El is the newly opened, completely refurbished Lovers & Madmen Coffee Lounge. It’s a lovely, airy space, accentuated by cobalt blue paint, a large wall mirror and casement windows. Continue reading