Harem Pants Are NOT Hot


My friend and frequent guest blogger, TB sent me the above picture and asked me what I thought. I think that:

Unless you are a) Aladdin b) MC Hammer c) A Pakistani who lost their kameze d) Trying to keep it real with your baggy pants – you have no business wearing harem pants. Why wear something that looks like a potato bag? It’s as if someone took a skirt, got lazy and then decided to just sew half-way down. Yeah, right. BCBG. I’m not paying $100 plus dollars for something I could make myself. If it isn’t tailored, i.e. flattering, I’m not going anywhere near it.

But why do girls keep wearing it? Comfort, I guess. Kind of why Kimora Lee’s Baby Phat velour sweats are so popular among my pals. (Trashy, but oh so stretchy.) But seriously, since when did people really follow fashion trends. I keep seeing Philly girls walking down Walnut Street wearing these things? Why? They are hideous. U-G-L-Y.  Ugh, that’s one thing I’m not adding to my summer fashion list.


16 responses to “Harem Pants Are NOT Hot

  1. Harem pants were all the rage in India about two years ago.

    I got to admit, it looked good on the Indian girls I saw it on. A cousin of mine from India was telling me how much she loves them.

    But the the style was a bit different than what it is here in the West.

    It looked more like Kareena in Jab We Met. And yeah, that’s what re-started (not counting the Salwars with that style) the Harem trend in India.

  2. BTW. Those in the pics are called Harem pants, but it’s really not. It was really called Dhoti pants when it came out in the fashion circuit.

    There is a difference between Dhoti pants (which only look decent on tall, skinny, model types) and Harem pants. But now the stores and blogs just call it all harem pants.
    The first one, the gold one is a harem pant. The rest are all dhotis. (Which, is in no way India’s fault–other than some Western fashion designers using that as an influence. While I have a hunch that Harem pants may have seeped on to the West because of it’s popularity in India two years back.)

  3. Actually, to rephrase my last comment.

    I think some of the Dhoti styles were taken from the traditional Jodhpur pants some Indian designers started bringing back about three/four years ago. Rohit Bal leading the way.

  4. Harem pants are quite hot and rather popular in England.

  5. whatttttt. i just threw up a little in my mouth. you’ve actually seen girls wearing this? blind girls i can only assume?

  6. I’d have to see pictures, Harem Pants :p

  7. I’ll try and snap some pictures and put them on my site: http://harempants.org.uk/

    They are quite popular in London’s east end.

  8. Javier de la camera

    if u have a big slong, harem pants will be useful

  9. I saw these other pants in India- They were actually MASSIVE and they went tighter at the ankle, and they had all these Indian prints on it. The person who wore it was wearing a regular tight black shirt. It actually looked decent.

    now these harem pants…I have to agree with your opinion!

  10. Thanks for sharing, LT. The gold dhoti pants were not so bad. But guys wearing jodhpur pants, yuck. And yes, Becky. I have seen a handful of women wearing them.

  11. These pants are atrocious. It looks like a saggy diaper. I can’t imagine anyone being able to pull these off.

  12. those are ugly as hell.

    they look like clothes you’d wear if you planned to give birth while walking.

  13. Jodhpur pants do work with some traditional themed Indian outfits. I don’t have the time to look it up right now, but I’ve seen it work. Basically, it’s sort of like a Jodhpur suit.

    with just a tee-shirt, though, Jodhpur pants work on tall, skinny female models. :) We mere mortals couldn’t dare to pull it off.

  14. yeah LT is right Doti pants come from India/Pakistan .. Heram pants on the other hand come from Middle East me being a designer and having parents from both of these regions know the deference but the westerns have really mixed up these two… i personally like Heram pants and DEF dont like thses the DOTI pants i feel like you look like a baby who just pooped and has not had there dipper changed !

  15. Ah! I take a teensy treat from the blogging cosmos and come back to find
    that you have a ton of followers?! Wow, times have changed!
    Keep up the awesome work!

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