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Does Your Pop Music Suck? If You Could Please Turn Your Swag Off.

/This post has been commandeered by guest blogger Don Bito. Send your nuggets of pop shame to wegotthebits@gmail.com/

In the interest of full disclosure, let me make one thing clear right up front: I really liked Crank That.  Call me crazy, but the simple beat against the bold rhythm of the words never failed to make me want to dance.  Plus, let’s be honest, any song featuring the refrain “supersoak that ho” gets automatic points for audacity.

And I, like many others, was intrigued by Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em‘s overnight success publishing his own music online.  Unfortunately, in his desperation to avoid the moniker of “One Hit Wonder” Soulja Boy unleashed Turn My Swag On upon the world.

And I would rather be known as a one-hit wonder than the artist behind Turn My Swag On any day.

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Oh God… seriously PETA?

obama fly

Guest blogger TB flies off the handle at PETA. Get it? Get it? Nevermind.

How did I know these fuckers at PETA were going to get all bent out of shape over Obama killing that fly on TV?

I swear when I saw him do it I was thinking, “Man… PETA is gonna love this”. And here we are with the latest of PETA’s bitching and moaning.

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