Oh God… seriously PETA?

obama fly

Guest blogger TB flies off the handle at PETA. Get it? Get it? Nevermind.

How did I know these fuckers at PETA were going to get all bent out of shape over Obama killing that fly on TV?

I swear when I saw him do it I was thinking, “Man… PETA is gonna love this”. And here we are with the latest of PETA’s bitching and moaning.

Do these idiots have anything better to do? IT WAS JUST A FLY!!! What a bunch of attention whores. Flies are nasty little pests who crawl all over shit and carry diseases. And after they crawl all over shit and eat it and fly in garbage and eat that their next main objective is to fly into your house. And guess what they do next? Yup, that’s right, they then fly on your face, and then on your food. And next thing you know you’re not eating French onion soup anymore, no, it has become French onion shit soup.

PETA has yet again managed to make themselves look like the biggest morons in the world.

4 responses to “Oh God… seriously PETA?

  1. I’m all for the ethical treatment of animals (even though I love leather and chicken!), but PETA is ridiculous. A fly? Really?

  2. It’s made news everywhere. A tweet from Iran. Feels kind of wrong to chuckle, considering what may come tomorrow, but funny and sad nevertheless:

    “stateTV showed Obama killing a fly,didn’t show our rallies,students killed in dorms.Who is US agent now?”

  3. in the words of the almighty bob. “so much trouble in the world”.

    the human species is pathetic.

  4. thab00ger

    you are pathetic, lol.

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