I’m too old to dance

Okay, so I promised a couple of people that I would write about the Jay Sean concert last Thursday at Plush nightclub.  (Yes, it took me that long to recover.)

Some background. I am not and have never been a huge fan of any particular music group/act.  I don’t faint when a musician I like comes around. I’ve never been a super-fan type. And I don’t attend many concerts. And I’m not a huge clubbing person either (this will make sense later). I went to see the Jay Sean concert simply because I appreciate and recognize his impact on the desi music scene. (Probably not the universal audience he’s going for, though.) And seeing as the concert was two blocks from my house and all of my out-of-state cousins were jealous of me…well I simply couldn’t resist.

As a kid (and by kid I mean six years ago when I was an impressionable 17-year old) I heard Jay Sean sing “Dance with you” and “Stolen.” Those were huge songs back in the day if you were a little brown kid with a lot of family weddings to attend. His name became well-known. And not only because he changed his name from Kamaljit Singh.  Jay Sean’s appeal to the dreamy desi pre-pubescent set was bound to make him some sort of star. Not surprising that he became hot stuff in the UK. But unless you’re a desi living in America, you’re probably not familiar with him as the Brits are. Whatever. Americans. (My friend: “Sean John, what?”)

Okay, so I learned a lot of things after attending a Jay Sean concert:

  • If the Facebook event listing for the concert says it will begin at 8PM, be warned. Desi standard time dictates that the doors will open 2 hours later than announced. And the concert itself will start at 1AM.
  • Don’t bring a camera because the bouncer will make you take it back home. And after you finally get in, you will find 50 girls taking pictures for Facebook. Where do they hide those things?
  • You will be asked to show your ID to the club bouncer at least 5 times to verify that you’re over 21. And then at the bar, they’ll ask to see your ID. Again.
  • There will be no women sitting at the bar. Except for you and your cousin. Because the women have already pre-gamed and are drunkenly grinding against everything in sight.
  • On the grinding. Oh the grinding. I’m pretty sure Jay Sean’s parents/older relatives were there and I was pretty surprised nobody had a heart attack. There’s no such thing as a group of girls dancing by themselves (we found this out quickly). If you expose your derriere to the room for a second, a boy will latch himself to you aggressively. Hint: It helps to dance with your elbows out.
  • Do not, under any cirumstances, try to find a place close to the stage. You will have a) many-a-boy try to grind with you, b) many-a-drunk-girl shove you, c) people drop their iPhones on you d) drunk Punjabi boys try to grope the girls in front of you e) security come.

And, after all that, I’m glad I went. Because even though I was the oldest one there, everyone should at one point have the experience of being in the middle of dozens of screaming boy-fans. Yes, this is true. The boys love Jay Sean more than the girls. No joke. But I am really glad I went. How else would I know that I am too old to go to the concerts of hip-hop hearthrobs?

2 responses to “I’m too old to dance

  1. Haha, you’re never too old to dance!

    And the IST is always inevitable. I remember some Shahrukh Khan Show I went to in Toronto started 3 hours late as well!

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