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So what’s the deal with AP classes?


When I was in high school classes, I was one of the AP kids. (*Coughs. Nerd.) That meant that in the specific AP courses I took – AP Government & Politics, AP American History, AP European History and AP English – I was able to take a test at the end of the year that would ostensibly give me college credit for the courses. I didn’t really get the significance of this until much later. I just wanted to graduate with a higher class rank. (*Coughs. Nerd.) It took me until senior year of college to realize that the courses I took in college meant I could graduate an entire semester early. Then, of course, I wished I’d taken more.

This year, my little sister took two AP courses. She’s taken some before, she knows the deal. But there was a specific test she didn’t really want to take: AP Economics. She loved her class. She loved her teacher (same one I had when I was in school, yay).  At the end of the year – whether they wanted to or not – her schoolmates and her were required to take the AP test. Her school requires that students who are registered for AP courses must take the AP test. In fact, some years before, students taking AP classes were told they would have to pay if they didn’t take the test. Continue reading


Think safety first, kids!

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God Bless America/Amreeka

So I came across a movie preview for a film called Amreeka the other day. Naturally I was intrigued. Amreeka, pronounced “Umreeka”, for those of you who don’t know, is the brown man’s name for America. This particular film, is about a Palestinian family’s journey to America. Looks cute, check out the trailer below.

My question, though, is about the origin of the word “Amreeka.” According to an interview with Cherian Dabis, director of Amreeka, “Amreeka is the Arabic word for America.” Continue reading