Daily Archives: July 21, 2009

To my hometown of Vineland, NJ

Dear Vineland,

When I was a little kid, I adored you. And even now, as a Philadelphian, I manage to refrain from making Jersey jokes simply because of my regard for you. But please – enough of this nonsense about music festivals. Last summer, there was supposed to be a three-day music festival in Vineland. Our own little Woodstock. My cousins and I were so proud and excited. Our town was cool. We started collecting camp chairs. Made elaborate seating charts. And then. Then you flaked out, Vineland. Some of you formed the a website. The (now-active) NeighborsAgainstRockConcertSite and decided the “logistics” weren’t going to work out.You forced the event planner to cancel the concert. Disaster. Continue reading


Always Google-stalk before the first date


So Wired magazine’s August issue features an article called “”How to Behave: New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans.” Apparently they got a group of social scientists together who articulated social media/new technology etiquette. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Don’t Google-stalk before a first date. The magazine says “Mutual self-disclosure, on the other hand, tends to build strong interpersonal bonds, leading to trust, admiration, and ultimately intimacy. Besides, reading your date’s Muppet Show fanfic might end a beautiful friendship before it even begins.” Seriously? I wouldn’t go into a job interview without Googling the heck out of the company. Why would I meet a stranger without Googling them? Blind dates ended in the eighties, people. (Although to be fair, I Google everyone, all the time, no matter what.)

Meet online friends in the real world. My fear is that my online friends won’t find me as interesting in the real world. Who wants to be a bore? But it’s a good practice and it reinforces the networking part of social networking. So do it. Set up that Tweetup. Continue reading