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Er, I’m brown?

Taking the City of Brotherly Love to the biggest, baddest, brownest blog on the Net: Sepia Mutiny. Yup, gonna be a guest contributor at Sepia Mutiny this summer. Still laughing at how the discussion went from a ‘welcome PG’ theme to a ‘damn those Eagles’ vein. Check it out.

But more importantly, take a look at my inaugural post. It’s about all my favorite things. Bacon. And cheesesteaks. And food carts. And Philadelphia. Freel free to comment! (Okay, it’s about kinda/sorta all of that, maybe. I leave the hard-hitting political stuff to the pundits.) But comment anyway.


Kailash Kher Concert @ Kimmel Center

It’s not too late to check out Kailash Kher at the Kimmel Center this Thursday! (Gotta love the skinny jeans in his intro pic ;) ) Tickets still available. (The Wikipedia bio on Kher.)

Thursday, July 30
7:30pm | Perelman Theater

My favorite song of his?

My Urdu/Hindi is failing me, but I’m thinking the first few lines say “I don’t want diamonds and pearls/I just want to hear you sing.” Hopefully this rough translation is somewhat correct. Anyone want to continue translating? Continue reading

Penelope Trunk is my hero

Not just because she’s a sucessful executive with various start-ups. Not just because she’s a talented writer with a blog I read (and disagree with) religiously. Because of the post she wrote last week that moved me (and many of her readers according to the 300+ comments) to tears.

Last Tuesday, she wrote a post with her usual candor and clarity. It was about how much a person should reveal about themselves in a blog (which I’ve been thinking about as of late). And then, forgoing her usual rants on life, she went in a totally unexpected direction. Child abuse. Sexual abuse. Physical abuse. More specifically, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents. I’d always pictured a successful woman like her with a set of WASP-ish parents who encouraged her to succeed at all costs. Not at all.

“I remember the next time my dad beat me up though. I called the police and they came. Like always. And my dad said nothing was wrong. Like always. And then the police started to leave. Like always.” Continue reading

“I’m just from Philadelphia.”

Start watching the Manhattan clip at 3:19. (I use that excuse all the time.)

Trailers Needed for Asian Film Festival

Enter this contest, folks! Here’s the deal. Make a trailer to promote the festival. Not a movie. A trailer. You can do it. Everyone can do it. Now do it.

Philadelphia Asian Americans