Kailash Kher Concert @ Kimmel Center

It’s not too late to check out Kailash Kher at the Kimmel Center this Thursday! (Gotta love the skinny jeans in his intro pic ;) ) Tickets still available. (The Wikipedia bio on Kher.)

Thursday, July 30
7:30pm | Perelman Theater

My favorite song of his?

My Urdu/Hindi is failing me, but I’m thinking the first few lines say “I don’t want diamonds and pearls/I just want to hear you sing.” Hopefully this rough translation is somewhat correct. Anyone want to continue translating?

This is the part where I take my left hand and put it to my forehead in the ultinmate gesture of respect. Can’t beat the sufi/Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan style. Loved him ever since I heard this song. And this one. And this one. *Swoons.

And if you’re not too Khered out, check out this hilarious music video for his new album, Kailasa Chaandan Mein. The vide just was just released today on YouTube.

Glad the girl doesn’t let a little makeup change her.

[Thanks to Anil and Amardeep for the heads up!]


2 responses to “Kailash Kher Concert @ Kimmel Center

  1. I lovee Kailash Kher, plus he’s so small and cute :P

  2. Allah Ke Bande will still always be my favorite Kailash Kher song. And that’s saying a lot, since I like a lot of his songs, especially Saiyaan and Teri Deewani.

    But there’s something special of Allah Ke Bande. Probably since ithat’s the song which brought him to my–and a lot others/media’s–attention.

    How can you not love a song about a positive, up beat little bird? (or angel, but I prefer to read it as a bird)

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