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Summer Jobs

I’ve always loved those Readers’ Digest articles that feature celebrities/CEOs talking about their first jobs. Those stories usually end with the bigshot telling you how they learned something, blah, blah, blah, insert cheesy, inspirational quote. But it’s always fun to dissect the story and see if their work ethic as a kid foretold anything about their future career.

I was thinking about some of my favorite jobs the other day. 

It’s only when you’re stuck in a cubicle in the middle of a gorgeous summer day that you realize that while your minimum-wage-paying high school job may have had its financial disadvantages, there were oh so many perks. My favorites?

  • Candy-striping at a hospital. No money, but there was plenty of fun to be had. Here I learned the right way to make a bed with “hospital corners.” Had my first (and hopefully only) tour through a morgue. And spent hours upon hours talking with lonely patients. (And learned that men read paperback romances a lot more than you’d think.) I also learned that nurses hate doctors with good reason. And that if you’re rich, you get the nicer room with the better view. Continue reading

The Jeffhouse Band @ The Fire

My friend, Jeff Monjack is one of the most talented Philadelphians I know. He cooks a mean cornbread, makes a great margarita and could probably build you a house from the ground-up. But that’s just the beginning. Jeff also happens to be a long-time guitarist who plays for a number of area jazz bands. In fact, my first post ever when I started what was then a personal journal mentioned the last CD Jeff produced, with the talented Frank Bey. Check out this great video of them playing “Cookie Jar.”

This Sunday night, August 30, you can see Jeff playing with The Jeffhouse Band @ the Fire, along with Carl Elzy, Kim Johnson and Garcia Murphy.  Check them out if you’re into old-time R&B and funky stuff. And even if you’re not. Because Jeff and vocalist Carl, always manage to get people dancing. Always.

Who: The Jeffhouse Band

When: Sunday, August 3o, Show starts at 9PM

Where: The Fire, 412 West Girard Avenue

Price: Tickets are $7

Some folks got no luck

Some people got no luck. It’s true. You mean to do one thing and something else completely unanticipated happens. Take this story. It’s 1891. Two kids are sitting in a classroom. One kid, kid A, is 11 years old. Kid A kicks another kid, kid B. That kid, who is 14 doesn’t react. But then he does. He screams in pain. Why? Because he’d injured his leg in a prior sledding accident. The next day kid B, whose leg got kicked feels sick. Four days later, he starts vomiting. When a doctor examines the leg, he finds the kid’s bone is disintegrating. Soon, the kid B loses all use of his leg. In a lawsuit brought against kid A, kid A is found liable and his parents have to pay damages to kid B. Did kid A anticipate that kid B would lose his leg? Probably not. Do we know whether kid A was just playing around or whether he had malicious intent? Nope. Continue reading

Teen Texting

Graphic video about teens texting while driving. Everyone should watch this video at the conclusion of their driving test. Although let’s be honest, teens aren’t the only ones who do it.

Some folks say it’s too graphic. Welcome to the real world, kids. Oh wait, I think you already saw that in R-rated movies.

Le Makeover Explained

Guest blogger Mr. Jones tell you how to makeover your significant other – the right way.

From Pygmalion to Clueless, we love a good makeover story. Based on the sheer number of makeover programs on television it seems as though the acronym TLC has gone from “The Learning Channel” to “That Looks Cute”. From an entertainment perspective the idea of a makeover is great; some poor ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan and everyone is happy. But what if the ugly duckling is your significant other?

I’ve heard it before, you love the one you’re with, but they’re not in to fashion. You don’t hate what they wear but every once in awhile you wish they would spend a little more time on their outfit then just matching their socks. When the person you care about doesn’t care about the way they dress, you’re faced with a tough situation. It’s a fine line between trying to change someone, which is what you don’t want to do, and trying to get them to step up their fashion game. Here are a few tips to help you nudge your man or woman up to the next level of style. Continue reading

Today is Friday

Thank goodness for that.

To learn more about Goldspot, click here. Continue reading

Throw Back a Cold One Aug. 24


I hate beer. Can’t stand the stuff. But I say women of the world should gather in bars on Monday, August 24rth and down a pint. For solidarity with this lady from Malaysia who gets to be disciplined like a child for no reason that I can see.

The Islamic alcohol prohibition laws in Malaysia’s eastern Pahang state date back more than two decades. But Malaysian-born Kartika, who now has Singaporean citizenship, is the first woman to fall foul of them.

She was arrested in July last year in a hotel nightclub in the beach resort of Cherating during a raid by the state’s religious department and admitted drinking beer.

An Islamic court fined her and ordered her to be caned at Kajang women’s prison next week, but spared her a jail term of up to three years.

Seriously, if I didn’t have class Monday night, I’d be at a bar somewhere.

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Sports and SingleInPhillyGrrl: Let’s talk Vick and the Eagles for 2009

Since all the PG men have been silent on this issue,  SingleInPhillyGrrl takes on Vick and what it means for the Eagles.

Like many Philadelphia residents, I am a stark-mad, crazy lunatic when it comes to our sports teams (specifically the Eagles and Phillies).  I take a sports hiatus from February to April (between football and baseball seasons) to let my voice return, my blood pressure to come down, and to wear colors other than green and red.

It’s a disease.  And I don’t want the cure. Continue reading

I Scream, You Scream

What’s with all the parents hating on ice cream and ice cream trucks? One of my fondest summer memories is waiting for the ice cream truck to come around our block in North Philadelphia. Us kids would sit on the steps after dinner, clutching a dollar and some change. Our parents let us get ice cream very occasionally. But when they did, it was a treat. We never dared to beg them for ice cream. Talking back or questioning your parents was unheard of. Sometimes you got ice cream, sometimes you didn’t. But some parents think ice cream vendors in parks and ice cream trucks should be done away with altogether.

Ever since Katherine had an inconsolable meltdown about not being able to have a treat, Ms. Sell has been trying to have unlicensed vendors ousted from the park. She has repeatedly called the city’s 311 complaint hot line, joining parents nationwide who can’t stand the icy man or his motorized big brother, the ice cream man. Continue reading

Tighten your belt


It’s recession time, kids. Time to put half of that cheesesteak in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

Ed Rendell, the unabashed indulger in all things greasy, has not had so much as a bite of a cheesesteak in two months.

He’s given up sweets, too, including his favorite dessert, Starbucks coffee ice cream. Not a spoonful, as hard as that might be to believe.

It shows.

The once-rotund governor has shed nearly 40 pounds since reaching an all-time high in the spring of 265 pounds.

His secret?

“I literally eat half of what I used to,” Rendell said yesterday at the governor’s mansion. “I am now a devout disciple of the fact that if you want to lose weight you have to significantly reduce the amount of food you put in your mouth.”

So, a three-egg omelet is now made with two eggs; eight slices of bacon are now four.

A healthy president?  A healthy governor? What’s next?