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The SingleInPhillyGrrl Take on Dating Bloggers

Looks like I opened a can of worms with my “How to date a blogger” post. PG’s latest guest contributor, SingleInPhillyGrrl dishes on dating and da web…

I’m truly grateful for PhillyGrrl’s post on How to date a blogger.  Because I have a blog crush on the Philadelphia Phillies Examiner writer (c’mon ladies, a guy who loves baseball AND Oasis?  Swoon).  Granted, the cat will be out of the bag if he should ever read this…but that’s the main point of being a dating blogger…

…no shame, no fear in what you write.  That’s what Erin Meanley of Glamour’s Single-ish writes on jinxing potential relationships:

“I would think that because I was getting excited and telling people, the universe was somehow listening and poised to strike out and punish me. As though it were not only impossible but illegal to be that happy. I had forgotten about jinxing because now of course, I’ve gone beyond telling a third party about a cute guy I have just met. Instead, I blog about it to the universe.” Continue reading


SingleGrrl Goes To Bar Alone

Guest contributor SingleInPhillyGrrl isn’t afraid of anything. Except for going to bars alone…

So, PG readers, I will be utilizing posts from my Singles Guide at Examiner.com.  Deal with it.

And PG readers get the benefit of knowing how I REALLY feel about certain dating topics.  Going to a bar alone.  Here we go…

As a preface–I hate going out in public alone.  Even if it’s waiting for friends at happy hour or dinner, staring a menu as the minutes click on by…I hate it.  This is probably why I bought myself an iPhone and now look like a total fool while playing the iBowl game when waiting for friends…but I digress.  Point is, I hate being alone.

Which is why, wonder of wonders, tonight I felt the need to go to my hotel bar alone.  For a drink.  Post-dinner with a group of 20. Continue reading

Almost (everyone) <3s Mayor Nutter

Albert Yee

[Photo/Commentary: Albert Yee]]

Okay, I’m lying. It’s still just me. But seriously, was anyone else at the rally at City Hall last Thursday? I happened to step off the subway right when it began (and was Twittering when Mayor Nutter walked past me) so I decided to stay and listen. Yes, I know. Budget. Fiscal crisis. Harrisburg. Pileggi. Yada, yada, yada.  We’ll let the experts the YoungPhillyPolitics folks hash that one out. I just wanted to comment on the crowd’s reaction. And Mayor Nutter’s speech lessons. Or something. Continue reading

How to date a blogger

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that as more people visited this site, the number of um, *coughs, solicitations got increased (both in number and weirdness). But hey, meeting people is the one of few benefits of the fringe blogger. (Seriously, y’all. Let’s just be friends.) Now,  I’m not going to tell you how to date a blogger. That would be too simple. But I will tell give examples of how not to date a blogger.

1) First off all, please don’t start your email or include in your email the words “Philly” and “boy” in some sort of near proximity. “Philly” and “girl” is cute. Or nauseating. Depends how you’re looking at it. But “Philly” and “boy/man/guy” is always a terrible combination. Corny. Lame. Trite. Etc, etc, etc. No girl wants to date a Philly boy. Period. Continue reading