How to date a blogger

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that as more people visited this site, the number of um, *coughs, solicitations got increased (both in number and weirdness). But hey, meeting people is the one of few benefits of the fringe blogger. (Seriously, y’all. Let’s just be friends.) Now,  I’m not going to tell you how to date a blogger. That would be too simple. But I will tell give examples of how not to date a blogger.

1) First off all, please don’t start your email or include in your email the words “Philly” and “boy” in some sort of near proximity. “Philly” and “girl” is cute. Or nauseating. Depends how you’re looking at it. But “Philly” and “boy/man/guy” is always a terrible combination. Corny. Lame. Trite. Etc, etc, etc. No girl wants to date a Philly boy. Period.

2) Just. Don’t. Ask. A. Girl. On. A. Date. Via. Email. Okay, thanks.

3)  If you’re going to ask me out, please don’t copy/paste the same email and send it to all of the female contributors on my site. We talk, ya know. We’re friends. And also, there’s the fact that, um I don’t know,  girls like to talk about the crazy guys who ask them out via email and then copy/paste the same exact email to girls with an obvious connection.

4) Don’t ask for a picture. I’m not sending you my picture. Ever. Even though you sent me the link to the “About” section of your website. (Although props to you for not Photoshopping your picture.) And let’s be honest. If you’re not good enough at Googling to find my picture online, there’s a warning sign right there.

Go on Craigslist/ and the other zillion dating websites out there. A blog does not equal a dating website. Unless I specifically say so. (Or unless your avatar is SingleInPhillyGrrl. In which case, go for it, by all means.)

5) When you type “girl,” please spellcheck it. Just a suggestion. We women like to know that while Renaissance men hundreds of years ago were carefully calligraphing French poetry onto sheets of sheepskin, you can’t bother to right click on the little red squiggly lines under  the misspelled words in your emails.


6 responses to “How to date a blogger

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  2. planetcaroline

    Never considered my blogging as a means to land dates. Think I scare people more than attract them. So tell me PhillyGrrl contributors, have any of gone on an actual date with someone you met through the blog? Dish.

  3. behindtherunway

    This is hilarious… and when I read “Philly Boy” I can’t help but imagining Charlie from “It’s always sunny…” (which would probably fit with all the other points also…)

  4. You are funny.
    I got directed to your blog thru SM. IMHO trying to get a date thru a blog/blog comments ( have people really done that ..send email to all female contributors on your blog ?) is too put it mildly “strange”

  5. “So tell me PhillyGrrl contributors, have any of gone on an actual date with someone you met through the blog? Dish.”

    Hey Caroline, good question. I think by mistake, once. I didn’t realize it was a date until he said something. I thought it was a Tweetup. :/

  6. IMHO trying to get a date thru a blog/blog comments is too put it mildly “strange.”

    Hey Debu,

    Thanks for reading. I thought so too, but apparently it’s the whole social media thing where like Facebook/Friendster/MySpace/Twitter – a blog can be used as a way of promoting yourself to other people.

    Forget dating, I have met a lot of fantastic new friends through this blog.

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