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Girls I Love to Hate: the Bike Chick


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Dear Bike Chicks,

You manage to ride the rough streets of Philly in your cute little mini-dresses and heels without a scratch while I huff and puff in my ungainly red bicycle helmet and Keds. And not only can you demurely ride a bike in skirts/dresses (a feat that I have still to master as a pedestrian), you do it all while wearing full makeup. Lipstick. Mascara. Eyeliner. Just tell me how. And why. Continue reading


Twitter is gay


So naturally when I asked frequent commenter and friend, djwild11 when he was going to start blogging, he wrote the following…

Did you happen to read what Kid Rock had to say about twitter?

“…If one more person asks me if I have a Twitter, I’m going to tell them, ‘Twitter this [bleep], mother[bleep]er. I don’t have anything to say, and what I have to say is not that relevant. Anything that is relevant, I’m going to bottle it up and then squeeze it onto a record somewhere.”

And the relevance of this is, you ask…..? Well I sort of put twittering and blogging and skyping and texting, in the same general clump and increasingly, I’m wondering about the mental health indications of this head-long rush to self absorption to which we all seem to be surrendering. Ya know, it’s the “LOOK AT ME, LISTEN TO ME, ME, ME…” syndrome.

Maybe I should write a blog on the subject.