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A Nuclear Iran: How does this change your world view?

Er, so remember guest contributor jdavis85? Before leaving the blogosphere, he wrote one last post. Except that I just found it today, so it was about four months ago when he wrote it. Luckily, these kinds of issues never go away…

There are two major issues that I am very interested in and I spend about 1-2 hours each day reading blogs about these issues. These issues are Israeli politics/relations and China in general. So, naturally, as someone who considers himself a Zionist and tries to continually keep updated on Israeli politics, I read Jeffrey Goldberg’s blog over at the Atlantic. Recently, he had an interview with Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, the recently sworn in prime minister of Israel (for the second time at that!). The full text of the interview can be found here.

One thing to note is that during the interview, Bibi implies, signals, hints at, however you want to call it, that if America doesn’t manage to stop Iran’s acquiring nuclear arms, Israel will be forced to. After all, for a country that has stated that it wants to wipe Israel off the map, publicly funds two terrorist organizations, and has recently rebuffed Obama’s attempt at peace, who can blame the Israelis? But, what is also important to note is Joe Klein’s note on the same subject where he said:

“Netanyahu is also completely wrong when he says that Iran, with a bomb, will be able to coerce Arab neighbors to its side. The precise opposite is true: Iran with a bomb would touch off an Arab arms race. The very prospect of Iran with a bomb is freaking out the Arabs now–in private, your average Egyptian, Jordanian or Saudi diplomat is far more passionate about the threat from Iran than the “atrocities” Israel undertook in Gaza.  ” Continue reading


Forget Long-Distance Relationship. Long-Distance Marriage?

SingleInPhillyGrrl takes on the latest in matrimonial bliss: the long-distance marriage…

I harbor a love of really cheesy, really terrible reality TV.  The Real Housewives franchise?  I don’t miss an episode.  Top Chef?  Words can’t express my excitement about three Philadelphia chefs competing in the upcoming season in Las Vegas.  I’m completely obsessed with the lives and drama that surround the seven friends on Bravo’s latest brain-candy, Miami Social.  But even the sunny lives of the beautiful Miami folk are trumped by my new favorite, Giuliana & Bill.

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SEPTA Girl: Tales of Ordinary Madness

Is up on Phawker.

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It was a quiet week on SEPTA — for me anyway. Perhaps the hothouse weather pacified my fellow passengers, because everyone seemed to be on their best behavior. Even the otherwise-active subway kids opted for their headphones instead of mild flirtations with their peers. Hot in the city,  indeed. Nobody moved as much as an inch when the homeless man on the C bus tried to start a fight with the driver. SeptaGirl_520_1.jpgAnd he gave up  as quickly as he’d begun. So it was that yesterday found me in a sad state of affairs as I met a Philly-turned-Berkeley girl for dinner in Chinatown. A little background on her if you will. This Philly girl, like myself, grew up in the Olney/Logan neighborhood. She’s taken SEPTA longer than I have. And naturally she’s seen more. So she told me her SEPTA stories. Five stories. And she told me I could share them with you, dear reader.

Furious Style @ Asian Arts Initative


In from the lovely folks at the Asian Arts Initative:

Join us for Open Mic Night!

August 14
7 p.m.

The open mic will feature…

Artist-in-Residence Jeff Cylkowski as MC!
Live performance by local b-boys Dreamerz Crew!
Special presentations by Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia and Iranian Youth Media Workshop!
You*!!!  Sign up that night! Continue reading

Everyone’s favorite old-timey pals

The Dill Pickles. Ah, such a great show. If you haven’t seen Brendan and the band play yet, you’re missing out. They give a spell-binding performance completely with plenty of ribaldry via Brendan. Of course. Oh yeah, and also drink specials.